What is Calcium? What is the role of calcium in the body?

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Calcium is one of the essential elements that help keep bones strong. If the body is not provided with the right amount of calcium, it will cause many bad consequences, adversely affecting growth. What is the role of calcium in the body? Let’s find the answer to this problem with Solife in the article below.

1. What is Calcium?

What is the role of calcium? Calcium is considered an important mineral for the body. Normally, in our body, calcium will make up from 1.5 to 2% of weight. Besides, up to 99% of calcium exists in bones, teeth, nails, and especially 1% in blood.

Currently, calcium in the body exists in two basic forms:

  • Calcium in bones: Bone is made up of 25% water, 20% protein, 5% lipids, a little glycosaminoglycan, and 50% minerals. However, the main mineral component in bone is still calcium.
  • Calcium excluding bones: We should only absorb no more than 10g of calcium found in bone cells. Thanks to this, the process of operation and blood circulation takes place effectively.
What is calcium and what is the role of calcium?
What is the role of calcium?

2. The roles of calcium in the body

How important is calcium for the body? Here are some uses of calcium for the body that we may not know.

2.1 The role of calcium in daily health

One of the effects of calcium is to help the daily development of the body take place effectively. Because calcium accounts for 1.5-2% of body weight. Besides, up to 99% of calcium exists in bones, teeth, toenails, …. making it easier to move. In addition, consuming the right amount of calcium will help limit osteoporosis, growth retardation, effective blood circulation, and limit the development of certain hormones.

2.2 The role of calcium in bones and joints

What is the role of calcium in bones and joints? Our body is made up mainly of the musculoskeletal system. However, skeletal muscle is made up of calcium. If the amount of calcium in the body is significantly deficient, it will make it more difficult to transport.

In addition, children with calcium deficiency will often be shorter than their peers, underdeveloped teeth and often decayed. Therefore, supplementing with enough calcium for children is always something that parents often care about and learn about. Only when the body is provided with an adequate amount of calcium can it be possible to limit osteoporosis, the body will develop better over time.

Role of calcium in the body
Calcium plays an important role in bones and joints

2.3 The Role of Calcium in the muscular system

The use of calcium for muscles is very important. It plays an important role in stretching, stretching, and helping muscles to be elastic effectively. Without calcium, muscle contractions will become more difficult. On the other hand, the body will also easily lose a lot of sweat, shortness of breath, and difficulty moving. Therefore, it is very important to provide enough calcium for the body.

2.4 The role of Calcium in the immune system

What is the use of calcium in the immune system? Calcium assumes the role of command and control of the immune system. It is an important determinant, helping to detect early pathogens entering the body. At the same time, Calcium also plays the role of activating energy, killing bacteria, and minimizing bad toxins in the body easily.

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3. Calcium and common problems of the body

Is calcium really necessary? This is an indispensable nutrient in the body. However, the amount of calcium absorbed into the body should also be ensured, neither too much nor too little should be used.

3.1 The body is deficient in Calcium

The roles of calcium in the body have been mentioned above. If calcium is deficient, it will cause bad effects on the musculoskeletal system. This is also the main cause of osteoporosis, leading to joint diseases and high blood pressure.

For young children, if the necessary amount of calcium is not provided, the baby will be underdeveloped, and numbness in the hands and feet often takes place. Not only that, but the baby will often encounter the following conditions: pain, fatigue, and irritability, …

The body is deficient in calcium
The role of calcium for users

3.2 The body when excess calcium

Excess calcium in the body will cause adverse effects on the absorption of iron and zinc. If the body is provided with an excessive amount of calcium, it will make the kidneys work non-stop. This causes many bad consequences such as kidney stones, and ureteral stones, …

For people with osteoporosis, pregnant women, nursing mothers, … arbitrary abuse and inappropriate calcium supplements will be very dangerous. It can cause cardiac arrhythmias or calcification of shoulder joints, and calcification of arteries, …. causing adverse effects on the health of patients. Therefore, when providing calcium to the body, you should learn carefully and consult your doctor for the most appropriate ways to use it.

4. Why should calcium supplement the body?

In addition to being interested in the use of Calcium, users often wonder why calcium supplements should be added to the body. Calcium is of special importance to the body, prominently:

  • Calcium helps strengthen bones, limit and prevent conditions such as osteoporosis, joint pain,…Calcium plays an important role in cardiovascular function. If the body is not provided with an adequate amount of this mineral, it will make the heart muscle contract weak, and easily fatigued.
  • Calcium makes movement easier. Fractures and fractures in patients will quickly recover.
  • Lack of calcium will make patients prone to neurasthenia, poor memory, and frequent prolonged headaches…
  • For children, calcium helps them grow healthy, boosts their immune system, and helps them grow taller.
  • Calcium has the effect of limiting rickets, weak teeth, and susceptibility to decay in children.
Why should calcium supplement for the body?
Why do we need calcium supplementation

Above are detailed contents about the role of calcium. This is an extremely necessary mineral for the body, it helps to strengthen bones and help us move easily. Hopefully, through the content shared above of Solife, you will understand more about this special nutrient as well as how to effectively provide calcium for the body.

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