What Are The Effects Of Vitamin B1 On Human Health?

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Vitamin B1 or Thiamine is an essential vitamin that the body cannot synthesize on its own, an essential nutrient that helps the body’s tissues function properly. This is a type of vitamin B that was first discovered by scientists in 1897, because it participates in the body’s metabolism but cannot synthesize itself. So which type of vitamin B1 is best for the body, please refer to article of Solife

Vitamin B1 can be found in foods
Vitamin B1 can be found in foods

1. Uses of vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 has extremely important uses for the development of the body, such as:

1.1 Guarantee for the metabolism

Vitamins in the process of metabolism have created ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), which transports necessary energy to cells. From there, creating an abundant energy source for daily activities inside and outside the body without feeling tired and negative. In addition, vitamin B1 is also involved in the production of red blood cells to treat genetic disorders of metabolism.

1.2 Preventing nerve damage

The body is not provided with enough vitamin B, and it is easy to experience problems with nerve dysfunction, causing memory loss, dizziness, and headaches,… To enhance the functioning of the nerves. You need to pay attention to adequate vitamin supplements. In addition to vitamin B1 also has the final use is the ability to synthesize myelin sheath to protect nerves, helping nerves work in the most effective way.

1.3 Maintaining a healthy immune system

The immune organs in the human body are most concentrated in the longitudinal muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, so vitamin B1 is involved in maintaining and protecting its presence. A healthy digestive system is also the foundation for better absorption of vitamins. Thereby protecting the body from harmful agents, and enhancing the ability of the immune system.

1.4 Improving memory

Vitamin B1 helps improve memory effectively
Vitamin B1 helps improve memory effectively

Improving memory is a very special and effective use of vitamin B1. If we supplement well with vitamin B1, we will increase the brain’s ability to concentrate, have less headaches, work effectively, and ensure the brain’s ability to remember deeply and long,… Therefore, Vitamin B1 supplementation is a very important and essential activity for each person’s body. Office workers and students should pay attention to supplement vitamin B1 to provide energy to help achieve high efficiency at work.

1.5 Helps keep the heart healthy

Vitamin B1 helps keep the heart healthy
Vitamin B1 helps keep the heart healthy

Vitamin B1 is very useful against cardiovascular problems, helps maintain heart function, and reduces other heart-related diseases. Because vitamin B1 is an essential ingredient, important for the production of a neurotransmitter between the nervous system and muscles called Acetylcholine.

1.6 Improve eyesight

Aging occurs rapidly in the elderly, cataract is a frequent disease that causes vision loss, which can lead to complications of blindness if not detected in time and used. some functional foods for treatment. Whether young or old, vitamin B1 should be used in reasonable doses to prevent cataracts.

1.7 Make your hair healthier

Vitamin B1 helps maintain healthy hair
Vitamin B1 helps maintain healthy hair

What effect does vitamin B1 have on hair? In addition to protecting the health of the body from human attacks, vitamin B1 is also a very good nutrient that nourishes the hair from the inside, helping to keep the hair smooth, strong, and smooth. Especially those with weak, dry, brittle hair can use vitamin B1 in combination with other vitamins to restore hair more effectively.

1.8 Support acne treatment & skin lightening

A question arise whether vitamin B1 has any effect on the skin . Vitamin B1 can treat acne, and prevent melanin pigments, thereby ensuring skin lightening, and helping to even skin tone. Reduces pigmentation disorders in the skin. To be effective, you can choose to combine eating and applying vitamin B1 directly to the skin so that the skin can absorb vitamin B1 more efficiently.

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2. The role of vitamin B1 in the human body

With all the great uses, what is the role of vitamins in the body? Let’s find out 4 great roles of vitamins for the human body in the following content:

2.1 Involved in sugar metabolism

Sugar metabolism of vitamin B1
Sugar metabolism of vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 breaks down carbohydrates when they are in the thiamin pyrophosphate form to form glucose. During this time, glucose will participate in the body’s metabolic activity to produce two products, pyruvic acid (a simple alpha-keto acid) and cetoglutaric acid (which varies according to the position of the functional group). ketones).

2.2 Participating in Pyruvic degradation to form oxyethylene pyrophosphate

Still in the form of thiamin pyrophosphate, vitamin B1 also participates in the breakdown of Pyruvic to form oxyethylene pyrophosphate. This activity is involved in the synthesis and creation of Adenosine triphosphate and Guanosine triphosphate to provide energy for the body’s activities.

2.3 Participating in the conversion of carbohydrates into products used by the body

The foods that are put into the body are a synthesis of nutrients when the organs digest and absorb those nutrients in an optimized cycle. And carbohydrates are metabolized by vitamin B1, creating the necessary products to provide for the body’s activities.

2.4 Involved in the oxidizing decarboxylate enzyme system

To carry out the de-carboxyl oxidation of keto acids, the thiamine is converted to thiamin pyrophosphate. Therefore, the lack of vitamin B1 in the body will bring serious complications to the metabolism, causing the phenomenon of numbness,…

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Retrieval date: 7/4/2023

It can be seen that a deficiency of vitamin B1 will cause many diseases in the human body, but if it is too much, it is not good. Through the sharing above, I hope you will have more information about Effects Of Vitamin B1. Wishing you lots of health!

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