What are the benefits of taking vitamin E tablets? And the notes when drinking

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Vitamin E can bring a lot of great benefits to our health. In particular, for women, this vitamin is quite necessary to maintain beautiful skin and prevent the aging process. However, not everyone knows the notes to take vitamins most effectively. In the article below, let’s find the answer to the question together with Solife What are the effects of vitamin E tablets and notes when taking them!

1. What are the health benefits of taking vitamin E tablets?

What are the benefits of using vitamin E tablets? What are the health effects? Let’s take a look at the functions of vitamin E below:

  • Patients with cysts, fibroids or digestive problems can reduce the risk of vitamin E deficiency quite well.
  • Through the process of enhancing collagen production, what effect does the use of vitamin E tablets have? It is to improve the skin for women, prevent wrinkles, and help the skin to be more youthful and smooth.
  • Prevent dry hair and hair loss effectively when you know how to properly supplement vitamin E.
  • In women, what are the effects of taking vitamin E capsules? In addition to preventing skin aging? Yes, that is to help your dark, melasma or freckled skin improve over time quickly.
  • Vitamin E is also used to reduce symptoms in menopausal women such as hot flashes and menstrual disorders, …
  • Taking vitamin E tablets is also a way for women to improve their psychological well-being.
  • If you are a pregnant mother taking vitamin e pills, what are the effects? Pregnant mothers just need to use vitamin E to be more confident and beautiful.

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2. How long should vitamin E tablets be taken?

After knowing what vitamin E tablets do, you also need to pay attention to the time of drinking to be able to ensure high efficiency. According to leading experts, after the age of 30, women should only take vitamin E in synthetic form daily for 1 to 2 months. Then they need to stop for a while before using the vitamin E pill again.

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In addition, patients with liver disease, dyslipidemia, kidney failure, chronic inflammation, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. should only supplement with no more than 400 IU of vitamin E per day. At the same time, these subjects should only take vitamin E for about 1-2 months, then they need to take a break before using it again. As for those who do not have health problems, they should only supplement vitamin E through their daily diet instead of taking vitamin E tablets.

3. Is it okay to take an overdose of vitamin E?

When you know what vitamin E does and should be taken for the most reasonable time, many people still wonder if it’s okay to use an overdose of vitamin E? If overdosed on oral vitamin E tablets can cause side effects including: Headache, nausea, feeling tired, rash, … Even if it is more serious, you may have digestive disorders, affect vision, abdominal pain and body weakness, …

Note, you should not abuse vitamin E because vitamin E may increase the time of antagonism with vitamin K and through the interaction with aspirin to prevent platelet aggregation.

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4. Notes when taking vitamin E tablets

After you have found the answer to the question of what vitamin E tablets do, to ensure the best absorption of vitamin E into the body, you need to adhere to some of the following important notes on how to take vitamin E: :

  • An adult will need about 15mg of vitamin E per day.
  • The abuse of vitamin E is not recommended. Because this action will negatively affect your health. Even when injecting high doses of vitamin E intravenously, there have been some cases of death, so be careful.
  • Using vitamin E tablets for too long is not recommended. As mentioned above, women over 30 should take vitamin E for about 1-2 months, after stopping the drug for a while, they can use it again to be able to protect their health.
  • If you are a healthy person, you should not take a synthetic vitamin E supplement. Instead, use foods containing vitamin E in your daily meals. For example, vegetable oils, pumpkin, papaya, sunflower seeds, almonds, …
  • Use vitamin E tablets when prescribed by a doctor, especially for patients with hair loss, dry skin, or diabetes, blood fat, high blood pressure, …
  • Before using, you need to carefully read the instructions for use, as well as follow the doctor’s instructions on the time and dose of vitamin E tablets.

Thus, together, we have found a detailed answer to the question of what is the effect of taking vitamin E tablets? as well as some important notes when drinking. To ensure safety and good effectiveness when taking vitamin E, please read and study the content in the above article carefully.


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