What are multivitamins? Should I take a daily supplement?

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Over the past few decades, multivitamins have remained one of the most commonly used supplements. Many users still believe that this is a vitamin that can help them improve their health to make up for their unhealthy eating habits. So what is a multivitamin and should you supplement it daily, see the following article of Solife for the answer!

1. What is a multivitamin?

Many people are in need of multivitamins to improve their health but still do not know what multivitamins are? This is a substance that can help you supplement many essential vitamins and minerals for your body.

However, if you are wondering what a multivitamin consists of, this is a rather difficult question to answer. Because, to make a multivitamin, there are no fixed standards for what makes them. Depending on the brand and product, the nutritional value of multivitamins also varies.

So what are multivitamins? This vitamin usually exists in quite a few forms, be it capsules, tablets, powder or liquid. You can easily find this vitamin in the nearest stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.

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2. Why is it necessary to add multivitamins to the body?

It is extremely important to add a multivitamin to the body, because a multivitamin contains at least 16 minerals and 13 vitamins necessary for health. Among them, there are some substances that support enzymatic reactions or support the function of signaling molecules. Each of us needs this nutrient to maintain and regulate metabolism.

In the daily diet, what is the use of multivitamins? It will help you to replenish the missing nutrients, support growth and development in young children. At the same time, improving bone and joint health, cardiovascular health and comprehensive brain development,…

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3. Should this multivitamin supplement be taken?

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pieter Cohen of Harvard Medical School has confirmed that healthy adults instead of taking a multivitamin every morning can drink a glass of water. According to him, taking a multivitamin by supplement alone will not help prevent cancer and heart disease in healthy adults and non-pregnant people. Therefore, once you understand what the use of a multivitamin is, it’s better that these subjects do not need to take a daily multivitamin supplement, but should eat a full range of nutrients.

Khái niệm vitamin tổng hợp là gì và có nên bổ sung hay không

4. Notes when supplementing with multivitamins you should know

So what to keep in mind when taking a multivitamin, here are a few things you can’t ignore about when to take your multivitamin and how much to take it:

Don’t miss the best time to take your multivitamin

When is the best time to take multivitamins? In fact, you can take a multivitamin at any time of the day. However, if you take multivitamins before bed, some of their ingredients can interfere with your sleep. Because this vitamin can increase nerve stimulation and make it difficult for users to sleep. So when is the time to take a multivitamin? Instead of taking a multivitamin before bed, you should take it in the morning. Taking a multivitamin during the day will have little effect on sleep, so your health will be much better guaranteed.

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Use the correct dosage

What is the dosage of a multivitamin? Here, we want to affirm that you are not allowed to use vitamins on your own, but should take the correct dose as recommended by your doctor. Do not take more or less than prescribed medication. In case you suspect an overdose, you should immediately contact the nearest medical address for assistance. When you overdose, the side effects you suffer will be extremely serious. It can be diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, loss of appetite, tingling in the mouth, etc. Even many people experience weight loss, severe headaches, back pain, menstrual cycle changes. menstruation, blood in the urine, muscle and joint pain, etc.

Some other notes

In addition, you also need to pay attention to some other notes when using multivitamins as follows:

If you do not really understand what a multivitamin is and have been specifically instructed by your doctor, then you should not take more than one type of multivitamin product. Because using multiple multivitamins at the same time will very easily cause serious side effects and harm your body.

  • Avoid taking vitamins in combination with milk, antacids, and calcium supplements. Because when taken together, it will create obstacles in the absorption and absorption of calcium into the body.
  • If you are breast-feeding, consult your doctor before use. Because multivitamins can be passed through breast milk, consider them carefully.

Above, Solife has helped you answer questions about what a multivitamin is and should you use this vitamin every day? We hope that through our sharing, you will be equipped with the most necessary knowledge to protect the health of yourself and your family. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for a reply as soon as possible!




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