TOP 3 Best Calcium Supplements For Middle-aged People

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When we enter middle age, we can face the risk of osteoporosis because we do not get enough calcium, especially for women. To ensure daily calcium needs, nutrition plays a particularly important role. However, in some cases, your diet cannot meet your calcium needs, you need to use calcium supplements. So what is the best calcium pill for middle-aged people? Let’s follow Solife Top 5 right here!

1. Harm to the body if calcium deficiency?

During the human life cycle there is no need for calcium. This is a particularly important micronutrient, contributing to the maintenance of healthy bones. Muscles, heart, and nervous system also need calcium to function effectively and correctly.

Calcium supplements for middle-aged people

Calcium supplement for thin people

The human body cannot produce calcium on its own, so it must be supplemented from many different sources. So what happens if the body lacks calcium? The answer is a lot of health problems will appear:

  • Osteoporosis: Decreased calcium density in the bones is the cause of osteoporosis. The patient’s bone structure becomes more hollow, brittle, spongy and fragile.
  • Hypocalcemia: Lack of calcium in the blood causes a variety of nerve, reflex, heart and muscle functions to be disturbed. People with hypocalcemia are often dizzy and dizzy when exercising
  • Nervous depression: Calcium plays an important role in the transmission of nerve impulses. When you lack calcium, you are prone to stress, memory loss, nervous weakness and irritability.
  • Heart disease: Calcium in the blood regulates the contraction of the heart muscle. If calcium levels are stable, the heart’s contractions are rhythmic and steady. In contrast, an insufficient amount of calcium makes the contractile activity of the heart muscle unstable, the heart rhythm disordered and can be harmful to the heart.

2. Daily calcium requirement in adults

The daily calcium requirement of each person is different, depending on age and gender.

Daily calcium requirement Daily upper limit


Women Men


19 – 50 years old

1000 mg 1000 mg 2500 mg

2500 mg

51 – 70 years old

1000 mg 1200 mg 2000 mg

2000 mg

From 71 years old 1200 mg 1200 mg 2000 mg

2000 mg

Thus, calcium requirements in middle age will increase, especially in women. To prevent diseases that can be caused by calcium deficiency, calcium supplementation for middle-aged people is very necessary.

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3. Supplemental source of calcium for middle-aged people

Source of calcium supplements for middle-aged people

Calcium supplements

Calcium is supplemented and absorbed through the following sources:

  • Diet: Daily diet has the greatest meaning in ensuring the body’s calcium needs You should add calcium-rich foods to your diet.
  • Vitamin D supplements: To absorb calcium, the body also needs vitamin D. The daily requirement of vitamin D in adults is about 15 micrograms. You can supplement vitamin D with food and sunbathing (let the skin synthesize this substance on its own).
  • Use food and calcium supplements: This supplement is very suitable for people who have difficulty eating or are forced to eat a diet, so they cannot provide enough calcium every day. Besides, this is also the most effective calcium supplement solution for middle-aged people because of its high absorption efficiency.

4. The best calcium supplement for middle-aged people nowadays

4.1. Criteria for drug selection for middle-aged people

Although the use of calcium pills for middle-aged people is quite popular and easy to implement, you also need to note a few criteria below to choose the right product.

Amount of Calcium

As mentioned, each person’s calcium needs are different and you need to pay attention to the amount of calcium contained in the medicine to compare with your own needs. This parameter is stated on the package and normally falls in the range of 500-1000mg/tablet. Dosage should be according to the doctor’s instructions.


Drug tolerance is a condition in which the body’s ability to respond to a drug is reduced due to overuse of it. To limit this situation, you need to adhere to the correct dosage and frequency of use. As well as not being too dependent on drugs, you should supplement calcium with many different food sources: milk, green vegetables, seafood,… A varied and healthy diet also makes your body fully supplied. other nutrients, strengthen the body’s resistance.

Drug interactions

Calcium drugs for middle-aged people often interact with many drugs to treat diseases such as antibiotics, high blood pressure drugs, synthetic thyroid hormones, bisphosphonates, calcium channel blockers, iron supplements,… Concurrent use of calcium drugs and these drugs make the drugs less effective or even cause constipation, kidney stones, etc. Therefore, when using these drugs at the same time, you must consult your doctor.

Quality and price

High-quality middle-aged calcium supplements often contain vitamin D and calcium citrate to make it easier to transport calcium into the bones. In addition, they are also combined with magnesium to minimize the amount of calcium deposited in the intestine. You should look to buy high-quality drugs from reputable pharmaceutical companies.


For better absorption, you should divide the dose to 500mg or less. Take it 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals.

4.2. Classification of popular calcium supplements nowaday.

Today’s popular calcium pills are made up of natural compounds. They are

  • Calcium citrate: 21% elemental calcium.
  • Calcium carbonate: 40% elemental calcium.
  • Calcium gluconate: 9% elemental calcium.
  • Calcium lactate: 13% elemental calcium.

Different forms of calcium supplements have different absorption efficiency and different uses. Some calcium pills for middle-aged people also contain vitamin D, magnesium and zinc.

4.3. Top 3 calcium supplements for middle aged people

Here are the top 3 best calcium pills for middle-aged people according to Solife. Products are evaluated based on quality, reputation and popularity in the market

Solgar Calcium Magnesium And Zinc Plant Tablets

High quality American Solgar Calcium tablets have been very familiar to Vietnamese users. Safe plant-based products. Besides, the drug is also added with magnesium and zinc to increase absorption in the most effective and safest way.

Calcium supplements for middle-aged people

Solgar Products Calcium Magnesium And Zinc Plant Tablets

Product Features:

  • The product contains Calcium, magnesium and zinc to help strengthen bones, muscles and strengthen immunity.
  • The product is suitable for people over 19 years old, especially the elderly, middle-aged and people who have problems with calcium deficiency.
  • Take 3 capsules daily after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Should be used immediately after eating or before sleeping.

Calcium DHC is also a quality and familiar calcium medicine. Products are sold in many e-commerce platforms and pharmacies.

Products Calcium DHCProducts Calcium DHC

Product Features:

  • The product increases the amount of calcium, supports the process of increasing height, helps the bone system to be strong.
  • Target users: children of growing age or adults who need calcium supplements.
  • Take 3 pills in the morning

Japanese cod calcium Calcium

Japanese cod calcium contains calcium of natural origin, so it is very friendly to the body and digestive system.

Products Calcium Cod Japanese Calcium

Products Calcium Cod Japanese Calcium

Feature of product:

  • Extracted from Japanese cod (a type of seafood rich in calcium). Can be used by people: children, middle-aged people, the elderly, teenagers in puberty.
  • Usage: Take 2 sachets/day after eating about 1 hour.

4.4. Note when supplementing calcium for middle-aged people with medicine

For middle-aged people, in order for calcium supplements to be most effective, you need to refer to some of the following notes:

  • Time of use: The duration of use of the drug has been specified on the package depending on the composition of each drug. Middle-aged people should take the drug in the morning because vitamin D helps support calcium absorption.
  • Dosage: You should divide the dose of the drug into several doses, not more than 500mg each time.
  • When taking calcium with other drugs, it is necessary to consult a doctor
  • In addition to using drugs, you also need to supplement calcium with a reasonable and scientific diet to avoid “drug resistance” and help your body stay healthy.

5. Conclusion

Above are the top 3 best calcium pills for middle-aged people according to Solife, along with the knowledge for you to effectively supplement calcium. Finally, if you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments section!

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