The function of vitamin E for health you should know

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Vitamin E is like a “panacea” of women in the treatment of skin diseases, not only that, but also an effective assistant for men, bringing many benefits to the overall health of each person. With two types of natural and synthetic vitamin E, you should carefully consider and consult your doctor to choose the right vitamin E for your health and needs. So you already know functions of vitamin E yet, let’s find out with Solife Vietnam!

1. What is Vitamin E?

As a fat-soluble vitamin, the term for natural and synthetic substances, natural vitamin E is biologically active and more potent than the synthetic one, helping to prevent oxidation of essential components. within cells, protecting cell membranes against the attack of free radicals. As a yellow liquid, insoluble in water, Vitamin E withstands high temperatures but is quickly decomposed by ultraviolet rays.

If the body is deficient in vitamin E, it can lead to neurological disorders, fragile red blood cells and skin damage, damage to genital organs, lack of touch sensitivity, …

2. The role of vitamin E in the body

Playing an important role in maintaining the body’s health, vitamin E is also a source of essential nutrients for the body in the process of metabolism, helping the body’s cells to be damaged. For healthy people, according to the doctor’s recommendation, you should build yourself a scientific diet with green vegetables, fruits and cereals to supplement vitamin E naturally without using other types of vitamin E. functional foods to supplement nutrients. In addition to providing nutrients for the body, vitamin E also helps us to always have a happy and energetic state.

Vitamin E helps the body easily absorb vitamin K, helps absorb vitamin A, protects vitamin A from degradation. With its antioxidant properties, vitamin E helps to make the red blood cell production cycle easier and more convenient. In particular, vitamin E is extremely good support for the beauty of women, helps smooth, strong hair, and limits the effects of UV rays.

If there is not enough vitamin in the body, it will lead to health problems such as fatigue or poor immunity. A deficiency of vitamin E will affect the nerves, causing eye problems, weakness in limbs, affecting the body’s metabolism. However, you also need to supplement vitamin E in a suitable and reasonable way to increase the effectiveness and ability to absorb vitamin E into the body.

3. The functions of vitamin E you should know

So what does vitamin E do? that is recommended by many doctors to supplement vitamin E with such food for the body? Here is the same point functions of vitamin E help you have a healthy body, full of vitality:

3.1 Anti-Oxidant Function

Due to its ability to bind to membranes, protect the body’s cell membrane lipids. Besides, it also appears in many layers of horny layer, like a plate that protects the skin from the attack of free radicals. The antioxidant capacity of vitamin E is sometimes linked to the antioxidant enzyme system in the body. As an extremely important natural antioxidant ingredient, vitamin E is like a “guardian angel” for human sensitive skin.

3.2 Preventing atherosclerosis

The correct use of vitamin E in combination with certain inhibitors such as aspirin can significantly reduce atherosclerosis despite alarming cholesterol levels. Vitamin E is effective in lipid metabolism, preventing endothelial cells from foaming; Besides, it also helps to balance the cholesterol metabolism of endothelial cells, preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

3.3 Supports immune function

With the change of the body, as you age, the immune system will begin to decline and vitamin E helps to slow this process down. During the period from 1990 to 1997, with their research, experts said that vitamin E supplementation for the elderly enhances the stimulation to meet the immune needs in their body.


Improve immune system

It is also used to reduce the harmful effects of medical treatments such as dialysis in cancer treatment, because vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that fights against cancer. of free radicals. An adequate dietary intake of vitamin E enhances intercellular immunity, the differentiation in immature immune cells.

3.4 Promotes skin and hair health

What is the function of vitamin E? for skin and hair? Vitamin E helps reduce the harmful effects of the environment on the skin and hair, stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, moisturizes the skin well to avoid itchy conditions on the skin.


Vitamin C helps improve the condition of the skin and hair

Is a vitamin that helps keep your hair smooth, healthy and skin always tight because the right moisture is provided to the skin. Use a few drops of vitamin E for skin and hair when they show signs of dryness, dullness.

Reference: How to take a combination of collagen and vitamin E for the best effect?

3.5 Supports heart health

According to experts, vitamin E can protect the heart, especially for people with diabetes, helping to reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 20%. Playing an essential role for the functioning of cells, hormones and nerves, cholesterol when oxidized will cause great harm to the body, especially to the cardiovascular system. Therefore, you should supplement vitamin E for the body to maintain the right cholesterol level for the body to develop safely and healthily.


Vitamin E has the ability to maintain proper cholesterol levels

3.6 Preventing macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is considered one of the leading causes of blindness in people, especially in the elderly. Vitamin E can protect the retina and the epithelial layer of the retina that helps us from oxidative damage. According to a study at the National Eye Institute of the United States, the risk of macular degeneration can be reduced by up to 25% when supplementing with vitamin E in combination with vitamin A, zinc, and zinc. betacarotene.


Prevent macular degeneration

Although vitamin E has a multitude of effective uses for everyone’s health and body, we should also use vitamin E in reasonable doses so as not to create negative effects on each person’s body. Through the above sharing about function of vitamin E hope that you will have more understanding about the use of vitamin E for your own health.

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