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Brain tonic is a functional food many people are interested in and looking to buy. With the use of improving brain circulation, enhancing work performance, and reducing brain-related diseases, solgar super ginkgo deserves to be the leading name in the segment of functional foods for the brain. Let’s take a look at some useful information about this product with Solife through the following article. 

1. Detailed information about Solgar Super Ginkgo

1.1 Uses of Solgar Super Ginkgo

With intense work intensity and an unbalanced life rhythm, our brain sometimes has to work at full capacity, leading to overload and exhaustion. This can easily lead to serious health consequences such as dizziness, brain circulation disorders, memory loss, depression, and anxiety disorders. Above all, if you do not maintain a healthy, energetic brain. Your productivity and creativity will decrease more and more, causing unnecessary errors in your work.

Ginkgo Biloba L., also known by many different names as ginkgo, is a woody plant in the Ginkgo family. Ginkgo trees are commonly found in China, Korea, and the mountainous provinces of northern Vietnam. The most commonly used plant parts are the leaves, stems, and fruits. This particular fruit contains toxins, and should not be eaten raw but needs to be processed carefully 

Many clinical studies have proven that Ginkgo biloba leaves are very effective in preventing and reducing symptoms of brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral circulatory disorders, dementia, and chronic headache,…

This is due to the high content of flavonoids and terpenoids in the Ginkgo tree. These two compounds are known for their potent antioxidant effects, neutralizing free radicals, and fighting cellular aging.  

Taking full advantage of the above natural features, solgar super ginkgo brain supplement contains Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, which helps to nourish the brain, regulate and enhance cerebral blood circulation and improve blood circulation. Improve brain related diseases

1.2 Ingredients of Solgar Super Ginkgo

One of the advantages of Solgar Super Ginkgo is the technology of crude extraction of compounds from herbs. Each capsule contains 60mg of active ingredient extracted from 100% natural Ginkgo biloba leaves, providing superior effectiveness compared to using isolated compounds from the laboratory. With this method, users can be completely assured of the activity and origin of the compound.

Ginkgo biloba brain supplements are committed to being free of dairy by-products, gluten-free, preservatives, and artificial flavors. At the same time, the product also does not use genetically modified (GMO) plants and complies with the KOSHER standard for vegan food of the Jewish community.  

1.3 Instructions for using Solgar Super Ginkgo tablets

As recommended by Solgar, this brain tonic is suitable for daily use by subjects over 19 years old. Take 1 tablet each time, up to 2 times a day, and should be taken after a full meal or as specifically directed by your doctor.

This product is especially contraindicated for children. Anyone who is allergic to the ingredients of the drug, pregnant or lactating women, should consult a doctor or nutritionist before use. 

In particular, this herb has a few side effects to watch out for, such as: 

  • Irritation of an allergic rash 
  • Dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations when overdose

As mentioned above, because the virulence from Ginkgo biloba seeds and fruit can cause convulsions or death, it is absolutely not advisable to use or come into direct contact with these two agents without undergoing treatment. physical.

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2. Why should you use Solgar Super Ginkgo?

As mentioned above, because the virulence from Ginkgo biloba seeds and fruit can cause convulsions or death, it is not advisable to use or come into direct contact with these two agents without undergoing treatment. physical. 

Some specific effects to explain why you should use ginkgo brain tonic: 

  • Prevent cancer: the root cause of cancer is that cells are attacked by strong oxidizing agents and free radicals, leading to improper growth and formation of malignant tumors. Important compounds such as flavonoids and terpenoids will play a role in counteracting these powerful oxidizing agents and preventing cancer cell growth. 
  • Reducing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia: The use of Ginkgo biloba may reduce anxiety, stress, and other symptoms of mild Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia patients can also consider Ginkgo as a “salvage” and help restore memory. 
  • Improve brain function: With its role in improving cerebral circulation, Ginkgo has been recognized for its role in increasing mental performance and mental health. 

In particular, with the technology of crude extraction of natural compounds from Ginkgo biloba leaves, solgar super ginkgo product has succeeded in asserting its outstanding quality, worthy of being your companion in your journey. restore and improve brain function.

3. Where to buy genuine Solgar Super Ginkgo?

Currently, Solife is distributing genuine Solgar super ginkgo brain tonic in a bottle of 60 tablets. Coming to Solife, you will have an absolute commitment to product quality. We say no to unbranded and floating products. 

All of our products are genuine and imported from Solgar USA, helping to affirm the prestige and trust of customers. At the same time as a genuine distributor, Solife always provides products with competitive prices and exclusive customer care policies that you can only find at Solife. 


The above article of Solife has summarized information about the uses, and usage as well as highlights the quality of solgar super ginkgo brain supplements. Hope you have gained new knowledge and most importantly, you can find yourself a reputable place to buy ginkgo brain supplements. 


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