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Although iron is a very common trace element that can easily be found in the daily diet, it seems that diseases related to anemia and iron deficiency are still a matter of concern. So what is the way to prevent iron deficiency? How effective is iron supplementation from iron supplements? Please read through the following article of Solife

1. Detailed information about Solgar Gentle Iron

Iron is one of the essential trace elements in our body. Iron plays an important role in the transport, storage and regulation of oxygen in cells. Specifically:

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  • Iron is an element in the heme nucleus, participating in the oxidation of red blood cells
  • Iron helps transport and regulate oxygen in the blood
  • Helps synthesize myoglobin (oxygen storage for the body)
  • Electron conductors
  • Support for cellular respiration
  • As one of the main components of several homeostatic enzymes

Iron supplements Solgar Gentle Iron, with its exclusive patented formula, helps replenish your body’s iron levels. Every Solgar iron tablets are perfected in terms of natural ingredients, suitable for vegetarians so that you can safely take them every day to improve your health in a more comprehensive way.

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1.2 Ingredients of Solgar Gentle Iron

According to the manufacturer’s information, each iron supplement contains 25mg of iron in the form of iron bisglycinate and other ingredients such as: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Cellulose, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate. All ingredients in the product are extracted from natural plants. This is the reason why Solgar gentle iron became the most loved brand, suitable for vegetarians.

In particular, Solgar commits that its products are all free of ingredients related to: Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Colors create.

1.3 Instructions for using Solgar Gentle Iron iron supplements

Solgar gentle iron supplements suitable for people over 19 years old. The recommended dose is 1 oral iron tablet per day, taken with food or as otherwise recommended by your doctor.

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Below is reference information for recommended iron dosages for all ages and genders:

Age group Men Women
Iron requirement (mg/day) according to the biological value of the diet Iron requirement (mg/day) according to the biological value of the diet
Absorb 10% ** Absorb 15%**** Absorb 10% ** Absorb 15%***
0-5 months 0,93   0,93  
6-8 months 8,5 5,6 7,9 5,2
9-11 months 9,4 6,3 8,7 5,8
1-2 year olds 5,4 3,6 5,1 3,5
3-5 year olds 5,5 3,6 5,4 3,6
6 -7 year olds 7,2 4,8 7,1 4,7
8-9 year olds 8,9 5,9 8,9 5,9
10-11 year olds 11,3 7,5 10,5 7,0
10-11 year olds 24,5 16,4
12-14 year olds 15,3 10,2 14,0 9,3
12-14 year olds (have period) 32,6 21,8
15-19 year olds 17,5 11,6 29,7 19,8
20-29 year olds 11,9 7,9 26,1 17,4
30-49 year olds 11,9 7,9 26,1 17,4
50 -69 year olds 11,9 7,9 10,0 6,7
> 50 year olds(have period) 26,1 17,4
> 70 year olds 11,0 7,3 9,4 6,3
Pregnant women (during the whole process) + 15 **** + 10 ****
Breastfeeding Women Haven’t had a period yet 13,3 8,9
Post-menopausal women Menstruation is back 26,1 17,4

Many practical studies show that after a long sleep, the iron content in the body has decreased rapidly. Therefore, taking iron supplements in the morning is an option worth considering.

Above all, do not use iron supplements with calcium-rich foods because it will cause side effects, inhibiting the body’s absorption of iron. In addition, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, are taking a combination of different medications, or have a history of allergic reactions to any of the ingredients, you should consult your doctor or specialist. nutrition for more accurate information on dosage and administration.

Note that this product is a functional food, not a medicine, and is not a substitute for medicine.

2. Why should you use Solgar Gentle Iron?

Many clinical studies have demonstrated that iron deficiency causes a variety of disorders in the metabolism and cellular respiration such as:

  • Frequent fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness: iron is the center of red blood cells hemoglobin. Iron deficiency will reduce the oxygen exchange efficiency of hemoglobin and cause the body to quickly fall into a state of hypoxia for tissues, muscles and brain oxygen. This is one of the leading causes of dizziness, lightheadedness and fatigue.

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  • Reduced memory, reduced intelligence: a long-term iron deficiency can directly affect the nurturing process of brain cells, causing memory loss. More seriously, if iron deficiency occurs during pregnancy, the fetus’s brain may be retarded and reduce the child’s thinking ability later on.
  • Immune Deficiency: Iron deficiency will impair the synthesis of immune cells such as white blood cells and T-lymphocytes. Patients with iron deficiency will be very exposed to other common diseases. not protected by the natural immune barrier.

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Solgar gentle iron with natural iron content up to 25mg, ensuring suitable for the daily needs of adults. In particular, with the exclusive chelated formula, the amount of iron in the tablets will be prepared in the form of stomach-friendly iron bisglycinate, without causing constipation and other side effects like current iron supplements on the market. school.

3. Where to buy genuine Solgar Gentle Iron?

Solife is proud to be the genuine distributor of products of the US Solgar brand. All products at Solife are imported genuine, carefully censored for quality and expiry date before being delivered to users. Solgar gentle iron is currently being sold on Solife platforms at extremely favorable prices.

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Solgar gentle iron really is a name worth considering when it comes to iron supplements for the body. Solife hopes that through the above article, you have gained new knowledge about the most outstanding features of the product, the uses and usage of iron supplements. Let’s Solife comprehensively protect your health with Solgar gentle iron!


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