Signs of zinc deficiency in the body you should pay attention to

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Zinc is considered one of the important minerals for our health. This nutrient participates in biological processes, enzymatic reactions, … to ensure the life process of the body. If the amount of zinc in us is significantly reduced, our health will also be impaired, causing many worrisome bad consequences. So signs of zinc deficiency what? How to recognize these conditions. Let’s find out together through the content below!

1. How much zinc is needed for the human body?

Zinc is extremely important. Because this is an essential nutrient to help the body grow healthy and help improve some bad health conditions such as: Hair loss, illness, … To supplement the amount of zinc enough for the body, you can You can choose for yourself foods that contain high zinc content such as oysters, herring, red meat, …

According to research from medical experts, people with a normal body should use about 40 mg of zinc to help minimize zinc deficiency. In addition, depending on the condition, age and level of need, the amount of zinc provided will also have different changes:

  • Children under 6 months of age should supplement with 2 mg of zinc per day.
  • Children between 7-12 months old should supplement with 3mg of zinc/day
  • Children from 4-8 years old should supplement with 5mg of zinc / day.
  • For men from 9-13 years old can use 8mg of zinc / day.
  • Men aged 14-19 can absorb 9-11mg of zinc per day.
  • For pregnant and lactating women, you can use 8-12mg of zinc per day to help both mother and baby develop well.


2. Signs of zinc deficiency in the body

Symptoms of zinc deficiency usually easily recognisable. Each sign will have its own way of distinguishing. Here are 5 basic signs commonly seen in the body of zinc deficiency.

2.1 Wounds that take a long time to heal

Signs of zinc deficiency in adults often more difficult to recognize than young children. However, slow wound healing is also one of the signs that help you realize that the body should be supplemented with zinc. Zinc deficiency will make the wounds take longer to dry, take longer to recover, and make the patient more anxious and afraid.


2.2 Weight loss

One of the signs of zinc deficiency The most recognizable is weight loss without cause in a short time. The body’s failure to develop well is due to insufficient zinc content. Especially for young children, zinc deficiency will slow down growth, reduce immunity and often get sick. From here, the baby’s weight will also decrease abnormally.

2.3 Hair loss

What are the signs of zinc deficiency? Excessive and prolonged hair loss is also a sign that your body is deficient in zinc. When the body does not have enough zinc, the immune system weakens. From here, toxins and bacteria easily attack the scalp, making hair weak and leading to breakage.

To limit this situation, you can choose to use products that provide zinc safely. Besides, we can also choose to buy zinc-rich hair conditioners to make hair stronger and smoother after use.

2.4 Getting cold easily

One of the signs of zinc deficiency That’s how easy it is to catch a cold. This condition is often referred to by the familiar name “small sickness”. Zinc helps to improve the immune system, providing components that make up white blood cells, thyroid gland and hormones. So when zinc deficiency, our body will become weak, vulnerable to natural factors, so it is easy to catch cold.


2.5 Poor eyesight

Manifestations of zinc deficiency That is visual impairment, also known as low vision. Normally, after zinc is completely absorbed into the body, it will be transferred to the eyes and especially the retina. Besides, it also helps to transport Vitamin A from the liver to the retina efficiently. Therefore, if the amount of zinc in the body is deficient, the vitamin A content is also significantly reduced, causing vision impairment and may lead to myopia.

Above is all the information about zinc as well as the signs of zinc deficiency often manifest in the body that we can recognize. With the above-mentioned attractive contents, Solife hopes that you will gain more knowledge related to health. From there, look for ways to balance good nutrients to help your body stay healthy.

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