Signs of calcium loss you should notice

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Lack of calcium, will the body show signs? The following article Solife will help you know the signs of calcium deficiency in the body to promptly supplement and treat.

1. What role does calcium play in health?

Calcium is one of the basic building blocks of bones and teeth, helping to keep bones and teeth strong. 99% of calcium is in bones in the form of calcium salts, attached to the cytoskeleton that gives bones and teeth strength. In addition, there is calcium in the cells and blood.

Calcium is important for bones and joints

Calcium impacts bone health at all ages.

  • In the growing stage, calcium helps bones develop, children lack calcium leading to rickets, weak teeth, prone to dental diseases such as slow vertical teeth, tooth decay.
  • When reaching adulthood, stopping growth, calcium maintains and slows down the process of osteoporosis, reduces joint pain, and difficulty in movement. Women in menopause may lose more bone density than men and younger adults, they are at a higher risk of osteoporosis, and your doctor may recommend calcium supplements.

Calcium contributes to the process of neuromuscular activity, regulating muscle contraction. When nerves stimulate muscles, the body releases calcium. Calcium helps muscle proteins contract, helps maintain heart function, relaxes smooth muscle surrounding blood vessels, and plays a role in cell metabolism and blood clotting.

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2. Causes of calcium deficiency

2.1. What is calcium deficiency?

The phenomenon of calcium deficiency, also known as calcium deficiency, hypocalcemia. Occurs when blood calcium levels are low. When the amount of calcium in the blood is low, the body will take calcium from the bones, affecting bone health. There are many reasons for this phenomenon:

  • Maybe due to diet, food intake is not enough, intestinal absorption is poor.
  • Due to age problems, children absorb calcium better than adults
  • Vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D deficiency in the body is the main cause of calcium deficiency.
  • Unstable levels of magnesium or phosphate in the body affect bone formation, brittle bones, and alter calcium metabolism and calcium-regulating hormones.
  • Hormonal imbalance, thyroid disorder.
  • Suffering from kidney diseases, acute pancreatitis.
  • Side effects when using certain drugs such as antibiotics, antiepileptic drugs,….

2.2. Manifestations of calcium deficiency

Because calcium participates in many different functions of the body, the symptoms of calcium deficiency are very diverse. Even some mild cases of calcium deficiency may not cause any symptoms.

Low calcium can cause cramps

Some signs of calcium deficiency include:

  • Cramps: When calcium in the blood drops suddenly, causing disturbances in cell membrane potential, muscle spasms and stiffness. Causes cramps.
  • Insomnia: Calcium plays an important role in the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps people sleep. In addition, if you have cramps while sleeping, it will make you lose sleep
  • Dry skin: Lack of calcium will cause the skin to become dry and flaky. Associated with skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema.
  • Tooth decay, delayed teething: Most calcium is found in bones and teeth. Therefore, when there is a lack of calcium, the teeth will grow slowly and are not strong, leading to tooth decay.
  • Nails are weak and break easily: Just like bones and teeth, nails also need calcium for strength and durability. The lack of calcium will make nails dry, brittle, and easy to break.

Dry skin, brittle nails when calcium deficiency exam

  • Late puberty.
  • Premenstrual symptoms increased: You can reduce the symptoms of back pain, breast pain, acne, … before menstruation if calcium supplements are adequate.
  • Dizzy.
  • Easily irritable: Calcium has an important role in determining peripheral nerve excitability. The low calcium interferes with nerve conduction, making us nervous and irritable.
  • Osteoporosis: This is probably the most common harm that many people know when talking about symptoms of calcium deficiency. The body does not have enough calcium and will take calcium from the bones and lose bone density. At this time, the bones will become brittle and break easily. At this time, the bones will become brittle and break easily.

Osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency

  • High blood pressure: One of the roles of calcium is to mediate the constriction and relaxation of blood vessels, helping to combat hypertension. So calcium deficiency can cause high blood pressure.
  • Colon problems: Prolonged calcium deficiency, protruding tumors in the rectum lumen will develop and be dangerous if they degenerate into malignant tumors.
  • Neurological problem: Calcium deficiency can cause neurological problems such as headaches, forgetfulness, irritability, mental instability, fatigue, and abnormal mood.

When there are symptoms of calcium deficiency, it is necessary to immediately bring it to a medical facility for timely treatment to avoid complications as well as consequences later.

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Everyone has a different need for calcium. Calcium supplements are not recommended for everyone. However, the supervision of doctors and specialists. If you have questions that need to be answered by Solife, please comment below the article!


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