Should you drink C effervescent when hungry? When to drink?

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Effervescent C tablets or vitamin C are currently being used very popularly on the market. Because it has the effect of helping your body feel more refreshed and reduce fatigue after a hard working time. However, many people often do not know how to use C effervescent properly and drink it whenever they want. So is drinking C effervescent on an empty stomach good or not? In the following article, Solife will help you find the most accurate answer, let’s refer!

1. Should you drink C effervescent on an empty stomach or not?

Should I drink C effervescent when hungry or not? If you go to the experts, they will surely answer that drinking C effervescent on an empty stomach is not a good thing. The reason is because C effervescent or vitamin C is acidic, so it is easy to stimulate the stomach area. Accordingly, causing quite a lot of side effects that users do not want. Even worse, it causes gastric reflux.

Instead of drinking C effervescent on an empty stomach, you can drink them after eating and drinking enough water. This will both ensure the most necessary use of C effervescent, while increasing the resistance and health of the user.

Should you drink c effervescent on an empty stomach?

2. When is the best time to drink C effervescent?

Should you take vitamin C when hungry? In the above section, we gave the answer no. In the content below, we will suggest some times when you should drink C effervescent.

First, you need to understand the composition of the effervescent tablet to know why drinking C effervescent on an empty stomach is not good. In addition to herbal and mineral extracts, C effervescent also contains excipients. For example citric acid and sodium bicarbonate,… These ingredients will help the product dissolve easily in water.

Is it okay to drink c effervescent when hungry

Experts all say that, if you want to use effervescent C tablets to achieve the most optimal effect, you should supplement this drink during the day. This will give your body enough time to absorb the nutrients it needs. It also removes excess active substances from your body.

Specifically, instead of drinking C effervescent on an empty stomach, drink them after breakfast and lunch about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Because at this time, the amount of food you eat from the two meals above is both being digested to help reduce the feeling of fullness, and has not been fully digested. From there, creating a “liner” in the body and helping your body absorb a lot of the essential active ingredients of effervescent C. But it is still possible to limit the bad influence of unnecessary active ingredients on your stomach wall.

When is the best time to drink c effervescent?

After knowing whether to take vitamin C on an empty stomach or not. You also need to understand that, effervescent drinks help supplement vitamin C thanks to the convenience and quick replenishment of nutrients for the body, so it is very popular. However, if you want your body to become healthier, it is not enough in addition to knowing when to drink C effervescent. In addition, you need to follow the dosage recommended by your doctor.

Specifically, you should not take vitamin C 1000mg/day regularly. Because it can create quite a few negative effects on your health. For example, causing nausea, diarrhea and increasing the risk of kidney stones,… Therefore, you should not take too many effervescent C tablets in a day. Also do not drink them in the evening. Because the stimulation contained in the effervescent tablet will make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Note: If you are a person suffering from high blood pressure or kidney disease, you should not arbitrarily use vitamin C or drink C effervescent on an empty stomach.

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3. Why should you use C effervescent at a fixed and appropriate time?

As mentioned above, taking C effervescent on an empty stomach will easily cause acid reflux because these effervescent tablets contain acidity. If taken in the late evening at the end of the day, it will cause trouble sleeping due to the stimulant properties of vitamin C.

Therefore, if you do not choose the right time to use C effervescent, you will not only not be able to receive their inherent benefits. It even brings a lot of side effects and other unwanted diseases such as stomach ailments and insomnia.

Instead of drinking C effervescent on an empty stomach or at night, drink them according to the instructions we have outlined in the content above. Only when the C effervescent tablet you take in has enough time to absorb into the body and provide you with the necessary nutrients. Thus, it is possible to ensure the effect of supporting resistance, reducing aging and preventing colds.

So, Solife worked with you to find out a lot of information related to drinking C effervescent on an empty stomach , is it good? And when is the best time to drink C effervescent to ensure health? Hopefully, through this article, you have gained a lot of useful knowledge related to how to use C effervescent. From there, increase their most necessary effect on the health of you and your family. Don’t forget, on our website there is still a lot more interesting information waiting for you, check it out now!


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