Is taking calcium hot? Side effects when taking

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Is taking calcium hot? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by users. Not only pregnant women but young children also need to consider carefully when providing themselves with a good amount of calcium. So if using calcium supplements for a long time, will there be any effect? The information below Solife Vietnam sẽ giúp chúng ta có câu trả lời.

Is taking calcium hot

1. Benefits of taking calcium

Before answering the question: “Is it hot to take calcium?”,let’s go together to find out the benefits that calcium brings. Calcium gives our body many special uses. An adequate supply of calcium will help strengthen bones, increase immunity as well as help users be provided with the necessary micronutrients.

Benefits of taking calcium

When giving calcium to children, it can give children the following benefits:

  • When provided with enough calcium, the baby will be taller, and healthier and can strengthen immunity as well as destroy harmful pathogenic bacteria in the body.
  • Providing enough calcium for the baby will limit conditions such as rickets, and poor tooth quality,…
  • In addition, calcium supplementation is also essential. Children with calcium deficiency often cry at night and get angry easily.

2. Is taking calcium hot?

Is taking calcium hot

Do children get hot when taking calcium? As we all know, calcium is one of the important minerals for the body. Thanks to it, our body has enough calcium to help keep bones strong. Many people think that giving children calcium will cause heat in the body, but this is not necessarily the case. According to research and surveys, there is no information that drinking calcium will cause heat. So that users can feel secure when using calcium, do not worry about the body’s condition will be heated.

3. When should calcium be taken?

Do children get hot when taking calcium? This is a question that many mothers are concerned about. Besides, taking calcium at the right time always receives many searches from users.

You should use calcium tablets or supplements in the morning. After eating breakfast for about 1 hour, we can replenish enough calcium in the body. Because the morning is the time when the sun rises, the sun will help the ability to absorb calcium take place faster.

In addition, we should also avoid using calcium in the afternoon or evening. Because at this time, calcium can accumulate, forming calcium oxalate, which can easily cause kidney stones and urinary stones.

4. The side effects when taking calcium need paid attention

Is taking a lot of calcium hot? Calcium is considered an essential element for our body and health. It is safe for all users but only suitable for reasonable recommended oral doses of 1000-1200 mg per day.

Although calcium is good and beneficial for health, it still causes some side effects such as gas or bloating. However, this case does not seriously affect life. However, that does not mean that calcium will be safe for those who use it in high doses, exceeding the permissible limit.

The side effects when taking calcium need paid attention

Taking more than the recommended daily amount of calcium will cause many health effects and side effects. They can make blood calcium levels too high, causing milk alkaline syndrome. Besides, it also adversely affects health if this condition is prolonged: kidney stones, and kidney failure, and can lead to death. In addition, the overdose of calcium supplements can cause constipation or affect some problems related to the digestive system.

Thus, to supplement calcium fully, without causing side effects, we need to learn carefully about the calcium line we choose. You can consult experts to find the right product line for your health.

Above we went together to find out some content related to drinking hot calcium. Hopefully, through the above sharing, users will understand more about calcium as well as its role in each person’s body.

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