Is it best to take calcium before or after eating?

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Supplementing calcium will help protect bones and promote health. So calcium taken before eating or after eating will achieve the highest effect? In this article, Solife Vietnam will answer in detail the issues related to calcium supplements that you cannot miss.

1. What is Calcium?

what is calcium

Before learning about the content of calcium taken before eating or after eating is highly effective, you also need to know more about the definition of calcium. Calcium is one of the minerals that play an important role in the human body. In, calcium accounts for 1.5% to 2% of the body weight, 99% of calcium exists in the form of bones, teeth, and nails, and 1% is in the blood.

Calcium is commonly found in two main forms. That are:

  • Calcium in bones: The structure of calcium in bones consists of 25% water, 20% protein, 5% lipids, a very small amount of glycosaminoglycans, and nearly 50% minerals.
  • Extra-skeletal calcium: ie the amount of calcium present in the fluid outside the bone cells. This extra-bone calcium interval will not exceed 10g.

2. Calcium taken before eating or after eating is best for you

Calcium taken before eating or after eating is best for you

Calcium has an extremely important role, helping to form strong bones and joints and participate in the blood clotting process to support muscle cell contraction activities.

Thus, understanding the importance of calcium supplements, people have taken supplements from food to daily calcium tablets to protect your health. However, not everyone knows whether it is best to drink calcium before or after eating.

According to nutritionists, you should drink calcium in the morning after eating from 07.00 to 08.00, so that calcium is absorbed into the body quickly, minimizing calcium accumulation in the kidneys. In addition, you should not divide calcium into many times/day. Instead, calcium supplements should only be taken once a day.

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3. Things to keep in mind when taking calcium

Những điều lưu ý khi uống canxi

So we went together to find out if calcium taken before or after eating is effective. In addition, to promote the full use of calcium, users should pay attention to the following:

  • You should not take calcium in the evening, especially after 9pm onwards.
  • In case you are needing to take several different antibiotics, calcium should be taken 2 hours apart from taking antibiotics.
  • You should also not use too strong food at the same time as taking calcium. This can cause urinary calcium loss.
  • You should also not take calcium after a meal with too much protein. Because the digestion of fat can reduce the ability of the body to absorb the substances contained in calcium to help the body become healthier.
  • People who use calcium should not use calcium together with milk, or some stimulants such as coffee as well as fruit juice. See also: Calcium-rich foods that you need to use every day
  • You should not take too much calcium. To be able to ensure that the body absorbs all the nutrients in calcium, you should only drink a sufficient amount that is suitable for the body. Because in some cases calcium can often increase the risk of kidney stone formation that adversely affects your health.
  • You should not drink calcium with green tea because the tannins in green tea will interfere with the absorption of nutrients in calcium.
  • Especially for pregnant women who are experiencing symptoms of anemia, calcium should not be taken along with some iron supplements.
  • According to many publications, some calcium supplements on the market today contain a small amount of lead that can adversely affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not take calcium without choosing a suitable product for themselves. You should take the type of calcium prescribed by your doctor.

Những điều lưu ý khi uống canxi

Calcium taken before or after eating is the content that we have studied together in the above section. We hope with the article about calcium, you can better understand how to drink as well as the notes in the process of taking calcium.

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