Is drinking C effervescent fat? Is it harmful to health?

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The supplement of vitamin c effervescent form has probably become a habit of many of you to improve health. But a series of doubts about the quality of the product such as whether drinking c effervescent is harmful to the body or not. Is drinking c effervescent fat? Today Solife will answer those questions with you through the following article.

1. Uses of C effervescent for health

There are many vitamin c supplements available in the market today. Effervescent vitamin c is often preferred because of its convenience, speed, delicious taste and refreshing feeling brought to users.

Is drinking C effervescent fat?

As for vitamin C, many clinical studies have shown the health benefits of this compound, such as:

  • Preventing chronic diseases
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Helps regulate blood pressure
  • Supporting gout treatment
  • Supports the absorption and metabolism of iron in the body
  • Natural immune system booster
  • Brain protection
  • Stimulates collagen production, increases the connection between bone and joint tissues
  • Catalyze enzyme synthesis
  • Acts as a strong oxidant, protecting the body from dangerous oxidizing agents such as free radicals

Vitamin c effervescent is really a companion, helping to protect comprehensive health and prevent the risk of dangerous diseases. Although vitamin c can also be obtained through fruits and vegetables or through many other forms of supplements, vitamin c effervescent is the most popular supplement for the following reasons:

  • Delicious taste and easy to drink: suitable for all audiences from children to the elderly.
  • Fast and convenient: with only 3-5 minutes of dissolving, you have a cup of sparkling vitamin c water right away.
  • Fast absorption rate of vitamin c: due to being in a water-soluble form, vitamin c effervescent can be absorbed very quickly, helping to increase the effectiveness of daily vitamin c supplements.
  • Solving difficulties when taking medicine: young children are not used to taking pills, people are prone to choking with large pill sizes or are obsessed with taking too much medicine? Now vitamin c effervescent is the most effective solution.

the use of drinking c effervescent

2. Is drinking C effervescent fat?

One of the misunderstandings that effervescent vitamin c products often make is their ability to cause weight gain. As mentioned in the previous section, vitamin c effervescent can dissolve in water after about 3-5 minutes, giving you a glass of orange-scented, light gas and cool feeling. Sounds very familiar with the feeling of drinking carbonated soft drinks, right? Therefore, the daily use of vitamin c effervescent has raised a series of questions such as whether drinking c effervescent is fat, drinking c effervescent will gain weight.

Does drinking c effervescent gain weight?

Please note that the cause of weight gain when using soft drinks is due to the high content of chemical sugar in these products. Consuming a lot of sugar but without a diet or exercise plan to lose weight can accumulate energy and excess fat, which can easily cause uncontrolled weight gain.

In contrast, in vitamin c effervescent, the main ingredient of the product is vitamin c. This compound is an acid in nature, also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C not only causes weight gain, but many clinical studies have also demonstrated the effect of synthesizing carnitine – a compound that helps metabolize excess fat and prevent excess energy accumulation in the body.

take vitamin c properly

Therefore, is drinking c effervescent fat? The answer is no! The manufacturer of vitamin c effervescent products wanted to provide a more enjoyable product experience, so they created very tasty and mildly carbonated flavors that were easy to drink but didn’t add a lot of calories or chemical sugars to cause an increase. scales for the user.

3. Safe dose of vitamin C for health

When using any drug or functional food, it is necessary to refer to the dosage, use and notes when using.

In terms of dosage, because depending on each stage of development or different individual needs, the amount of vitamins needed for a day is different. Here is some information about the recommended dose of vitamin c:

  • Children under 3 years old: from 25-30mg/day
  • From 4-18 years old: from 30-40 mg/day
  • Adults: from 50 to 70 mg/day
  • Pregnant women: 85 mg/day
  • Lactation: 120mg/day.
  • Smoker: 35mg/day more than usual dose
  • Patients with kidney stones: should not take more than 1g Vitamin C/day. If used too much, it will affect the laboratory tests.
  • Patients with high blood pressure: absolutely do not use effervescent drugs, including Vitamin C effervescent tablets. Because effervescent tablets contain a large amount of sodium – a component in salt – the cause of high blood pressure.

If you are using a combination of specific drugs such as antibiotics, birth control pills, sedatives,… then consulting a doctor or nutritionist is a necessity. Because vitamin c will have certain cross-reactions with some drugs, which can have negative effects on users.

Through the above article, the truth about whether drinking c effervescent is fat has been explained and clarified. Solife hopes that readers have partly relieved their worries when using vitamin c supplements. Please come back to Solife in the following categories to update more useful information.

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