Iron should be taken before or after meals to bring the best effect?

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Taking iron before or after eating is a matter of concern and research by many people. It is known that iron is an extremely important element for the body, contributing to the formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells. From there, it becomes easier to transport and diffuse qi throughout the body. So, when is it reasonable to provide and supplement iron? Let’s find out more about Solife through the article below.

1. Why should iron supplements for the body?

Iron should be taken before or after meals? What is the importance of iron supplementation for the body? The information below will help readers find the best explanation for themselves. Iron is considered an extremely important element in the body. Therefore, the balance of iron content is always interesting and well-researched by many users.

  • For pregnant women: Iron is essential for pregnant women. Pregnant women often experience anemia, affecting their health. To improve the condition, pregnant women should choose for themselves foods and nutrients rich in iron so that both mother and baby develop healthily during pregnancy. However, pregnant women should also consult with a doctor or specialist to know how to supplement nutrients that are appropriate and safe for the baby.
  • For children: Iron also plays an extremely important role in the body, having a great influence on the development of the baby. Having enough iron in the body will help prevent anemia and help calcium absorption take place more efficiently. Therefore, parents need to pay attention and consider the baby’s diet to provide adequate nutrients and iron content needed for the child’s body.
Why should you take iron for the body?
Why should you take iron?

2. When should I take iron? before or after meals ?

Iron is taken before or after meals – A question that many people are interested in is when they want to supplement iron for the body. According to research from experts, we should take iron supplements in the morning. This is a good time after a long night of sleep, iron absorption will become easier. So taking iron in the morning will help the body be more healthy and absorb the necessary nutrients.

Besides, we can also supplement iron for the body about 30 minutes before meals. During hunger, the supply of iron will bring many good improvements for the user. So this is also the right time to be able to effectively supplement iron.

Is it best to take iron before or after eating?
Should iron be taken before or after meals

3. How much iron should I take?

Iron pills are taken before or after meals, how much is a reasonable dose? Usually, depending on the body condition and different ages, we will have a way to use the corresponding dose.

  • Children aged 3-6 months should use 6.6mg/day.
  • Children aged 6-12 months should use 8.8mg/day.
  • For children from 01-10 years old is 10mg/day.
  • Puberty men need 12mg/day.
  • The adult male is 10mg/day.
  • Adult women need 18mg/day.
  • Pregnant women need 60mg/day.

How much iron should I take?

4. Things to keep in mind when taking iron

In addition to iron problems after eating or before eating, users also need to know some related notes when providing iron to the body. Here are some things to keep in mind when taking iron:

  • Avoid taking iron and calcium at the same time. Because calcium and iron have opposite properties, when used at the same time, the iron content provided to the body will not be able to absorb effectively.
  • Vitamin C has the property of reducing Fe3+ to Fe2+ so that our body can easily absorb iron more efficiently. You can use a glass of orange juice before taking iron to easily absorb the nutrients.
  • It is recommended to use iron for about 30 minutes before eating. Besides, we should use half a cup of water to help digest and absorb iron more effectively.
  • For children under 12 years old or the elderly, iron should be taken in the form of drops or syrup. However, we also need to adjust the dose of substances to suit the body. You can consult more experts to use iron in the most appropriate way.
Things to note when taking iron
Basic notes when using iron

In this article, Solife answered everyone’s question about taking iron before or after eating. Accordingly, we should use iron supplements before eating to help the body be assured, making the process of nutrient absorption take place better. Hopefully, the above content will equip you with knowledge about iron, and know how to use iron properly to have a healthy body.


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