Instructions To Take Calcium Properly And Things To Note

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Calcium is a mineral that plays a very important role in the body, especially the development of bones and teeth. Regular calcium supplementation is essential, but not everyone knows how to use standard calcium to bring high efficiency. Here is a guide to taking calcium properly and some things to keep in mind from Solife.

1. Effects of calcium on health


Calcium is an extremely important mineral for the development of the bone and joint system. This mineral accounts for 1-2% of body weight with outstanding effects such as:


  • Plays an important role in the formation of the skeleton, affecting the height and growth of young children. Besides, calcium also helps maintain and slow down the process of bone density decline in the elderly.
  • Assists in coordinating the function of the heart, connecting with the machinery in the cells to help the heart contract and pump blood regularly.
  • Adequate supplementation, proper intake of calcium helps to reduce the risk of kidney stones, colon cancer as well as kidney stones.
  • Support to reduce the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy, unstable blood pressure in young people and reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Giving children calcium to drink properly from an early age helps the skeleton to lengthen, grow strong, support height growth, and enhance physical strength.

Besides, this mineral also plays an important role in the process of losing weight and improving some common diseases.

2. Instructions for taking calcium properly and safely

At each age, the body’s need for calcium absorption will be different. Below are the daily calcium needs for each age group based on the recommendations of the American Institute of Medicine:

Age Male Female
0 – 6(months old) 200 mg 200 mg
7 – 12(months old) 260 mg 260 mg
1 – 3(years old) 700 mg 700 mg
4 – 8(years old) 1000 mg 1000 mg
9 – 13(years old) 1300 mg 1300 mg
14 – 18(years old) 1300 mg 1300 mg
19 – 50(years old) 1000 mg 1000 mg
51 – 70(years old) 1000 mg 1200 mg
>70(years old) 1200 mg 1200 mg

According to experts, the most effective way to take calcium is using it in the morning. Because this is the most suitable time for calcium metabolism, while limiting the accumulation of this mineral.


Should take calcium before eating 30 minutes or after eating at least 1 hour to bring the best effect. Divide the dose into small doses (usually less than 600 milligrams at a time) so that it can be easily absorbed by the body.

Pregnant women have a higher need for calcium than the general population. Therefore, taking calcium during pregnancy properly and in sufficient doses helps the mother stay healthy and the baby develops well even in the womb.

3. Side effects when taking calcium

Calcium has been shown to be safe for most users at doses around 1000 – 1200mg/day. However, taking calcium incorrectly or using too much of it can lead to dangerous side effects. May be mentioned as:

  • Gas or bloating: These are usually not serious, but if they persist, they can cause stomach irritation, constipation, bloating and increase the risk of kidney stones.


  • Taking high doses of calcium can raise blood calcium levels to high levels, increasing the risk of heart attack in older adults.
  • Calcium is incompatible with antacids, heart disease medications, etc. In addition, absolutely do not take calcium and iron supplements at the same time because they can interact with each other, causing health effects.
  • Vitamin D toxicity: Although calcium is recommended to be used in combination with vitamin D to improve effectiveness. However, a little known side effect if used incorrectly is vitamin D toxicity. Some typical symptoms may be encountered: Nausea, loss of appetite, frequent urination, difficulty urinating…
  • Cramps: Too much calcium can cause accumulation inside the body, which leads to cramps, muscle fatigue, joint pain, etc.

Calcium can also cause side effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea, irritability, depression… Therefore, taking calcium in the right way, at the right dose is extremely important to ensure health.

4. Taking calcium should note these things

For calcium supplementation to be safe and highly effective. Here are some tips from Solife:

  • Firstly: If adding calcium-rich dietary supplements, it is necessary to choose products of clear origin, genuine, and quality assurance. Prioritize calcium supplementation through food, but need to limit protein.
  • Second: Second: Supplementing with the correct dose has been recommended to avoid causing side effects to the body. Consult your doctor for instructions on how to take calcium properly and safely.


  • Third: Take calcium and iron properly by supplementing them 2-4 hours apart to avoid negative interactions on each other. At the same time, it is necessary to supplement with adequate vitamin D and magnesium for the body to absorb calcium more effectively.
  • Fourth: Should take calcium in the morning and limit its use in the evening because it can increase the risk of calcium deposition while sleeping.
  • Fifth: Do not take calcium with foods containing oxalates because when combined, there is a high risk of kidney stones. Do not share calcium and green tea because the tannins in the tea will interfere with calcium absorption.
  • Sixth: Practice healthy living habits, practice sports every day and stay away from alcohol, beer, stimulants…


.Proper intake of calcium is extremely necessary to avoid unwanted effects. Please consult with experts and doctors to ensure safety and effectiveness in the process of calcium supplementation. Thank you for following Solife’s article!

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