Instructions for supplementing calcium for healthy bones and joints

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Most of us know that calcium supplements will help strengthen bones and joints. However, if calcium is not properly supplemented according to the diet or dosage, it will be difficult to stop the strength of osteoporosis. In the following article, let’s find out with Solife Vietnam about how to supplement calcium for strong bones and joints!

Instructions for supplementing calcium for healthy bones and joints

1. Effects of calcium on bones and joints

Effects of calcium on bones and joints

What are the benefits of calcium supplements for joints? First of all, you should know that calcium in the human body is one of the most abundant elements. Specifically, there is about 98 to 99% of the calcium in bones and teeth, and the remaining 1% is in the blood and cells with the role of maintaining the function of our body. Measuring calcium levels in the blood will not indicate that you are taking enough calcium or need calcium supplements for bones and joints.

You need to understand that in the structure of the skeleton, calcium is an important component. It can help bone growth and improve stature during puberty for children. Without calcium, muscle contraction would be quite difficult to do. Therefore, it can be seen that, in maintaining the motor system to maintain the heart rate, the element calcium is necessary. The presence of calcium will help enhance the activity in our body.

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2. Instructions for supplementing calcium for healthy bones and joints

Calcium is good for bones and joints and can be supplemented through a number of foods such as Seafood (crabs, shrimp, oysters, fish…), dark green vegetables (kale, celery, lettuce,…), and some dairy products such as yogurt, cheese…

Effects of calcium on bones and joints

If the diet does not guarantee the necessary calcium for bones and joints, you can consider adding calcium through preparations with two main forms of calcium as follows.

  • Calcium carbonate: Contains a lot of elemental calcium (usually about 40% by weight) so it is chosen by many people. Since calcium carbonate is an insoluble salt, you can take this product with or after a meal so that stomach acid can be easily dissolved and absorbed.
  • Calcium citrate: This form of calcium is more easily absorbed than calcium carbonate. You can absolutely use them on an empty stomach or take them while taking stomach antacids. Note to increase the dose to meet the daily requirement because calcium citrate has only 21% calcium.

3. Side effects when calcium supplements overdose

Side effects when calcium supplements overdose

If calcium supplements for bones and joints overdose, you will suffer some side effects as follows:

  • It is easy to experience stomach irritation, bloating or constipation.
  • Reduces the effectiveness of other medications you need to take.
  • When calcium supplements for bones and joints are more than daily needs (about 1,000 to 1,300mg/day), users will have the possibility of kidney stone disease.
  • In some cases, people who take an overdose of bone and joint calcium will experience irritability, irritability, even depression and confusion.

4. Supplementing calcium for bones and joints should note these things

Bổ sung canxi cho xương khớp cần lưu ý những điều này

In the process of supplementing calcium for bones and joints, users must not forget the following notes:

  • You should avoid unrefined products made from oyster shells as these may contain toxic metals or lead.
  • If you do not want to suffer the side effects mentioned above, you need to follow the daily dosage recommended by the manufacturer.
    • In case users need to take zinc/iron/tetracycline/levothyroxine antibiotics, they need to take them a few hours before or after taking calcium. Because if you do not do so, you will easily suffer the consequences of negative interactions between these products. Read more: Benefits of calcium magnesium zinc supplements
  • In order for your body to absorb calcium well, you also need to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D. When you don’t get enough from your diet, sunlight, or multivitamins, you can opt for calcium supplements that contain vitamin D. When vitamin D isn’t available, the amount of calcium in your diet can be low. absorption is only about 10 -15%. The role of Vitamin D is to help enhance calcium absorption by 30-40%. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to vitamin D supplements to best support the absorption of bone and joint calcium.
  • In the process of calcium absorption, magnesium is also quite important. You should keep the ratio of magnesium to calcium between 2 to 1. For example, when you are taking about 1000mg of calcium/day, you need about 500mg of calcium.
  • Normally, our body will only be able to absorb about 500mg of elemental calcium at a given time. If there is excess, the body will excrete it. Therefore, the best solution for you is to supplement in small doses twice a day to ensure the best absorption.

The above article of Solife has provided you with a lot of information related to calcium supplementation for bones and joints. You need to carefully monitor and study our sharing if you want to safely supplement calcium as well as effectively prevent bone and joint diseases. If you want to learn more useful articles, please visit our website immediately!

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