How To Properly And Safely Supplement Calcium For Children?

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Calcium is one of the essential micronutrients for the comprehensive development of infants and young children. Although it brings a lot of nutritional value so that children can develop a balance in both stature and intelligence, calcium supplement for children must always comply with regulations on health safety and effectiveness. calcium absorption. So what is the right way to supplement calcium for children? When to supplement calcium for children?? Let’s answer these questions with Solife through this article

1. The role of calcium for children

In the small period, the musculoskeletal system – joints always need calcium supplements to ensure outstanding growth, help strengthen the body and stature of the newborn. If parents focus on supplementing calcium for children from an early age, they can avoid the risk of delayed teething, osteoporosis and other bone and joint diseases in adulthood.


Not only plays an important role in the muscle – bone – joint system, calcium also helps children develop the cardiovascular system, nervous system and regulate the production of important puberty hormones. Specifically:

  • Calcium supports the first line of defense in the body’s natural immune system, helping to identify harmful peripheral agents early. In addition, calcium stimulates the activity of immune cells.
  • With a calcium deficiency, the brain’s nerve impulse conduction system will be impaired, leading to a series of symptoms such as memory impairment. In children with calcium deficiency, the nervous system will not be fully developed. Babies are prone to night crying, startling, fussiness and tantrums.
  • Calcium plays an important role in the functioning of the muscular system. The long-term lack of calcium in children will reduce motor function and muscle weakness.

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With a series of benefits above, it is undeniable that the importance of calcium supplements for children.. However, to properly supplement calcium is an issue worth paying attention to. Please read along with the method of calcium supplementation for children properly below.

2. The need for calcium supplements for children of all ages

At each different stage of development, the calcium needs are different, let’s take a look at the statistics of the average calcium requirement in children below:

  • For children under 6 months old: 300mg/day.
  • Children from 7 months to 12 months: 400mg/day.
  • Children from 1 to 3 years old: 500 mg/day.
  • Children from 4 to 6 years old: 600mg/day.
  • Children from 7 to 9 years old: 700mg/day.
  • Children from 10 years old: 1000mg/day.
  • Children from 11 to 24 years old: 1200mg/day.


However, many studies have shown that the amount of calcium from the daily diet will be lost and cannot be absorbed up to 100%. Therefore, the need for functional foods, whether calcium supplements for infants or calcium supplements for puberty children, is also a top concern of parents.

3. Guide calcium supplements for children properly

3.1 Pay attention to dosage

Dosage is one of the biggest dilemmas in calcium supplementation for children.. Because the amount of calcium in daily food cannot be measured, parents need to consult their child’s doctor or nutritionist to choose a reasonable dose. Especially at different stages of development, age and physical condition, children need to be supplemented with a different amount of calcium. Therefore, children should not be arbitrarily given calcium supplements without consulting experts.

It is necessary to pay attention to the health and condition of children during the use of calcium supplements for children. Excess calcium can still cause symptoms such as constipation, nausea, bone pain. In the long run, excessive calcium absorption can lead to kidney stones.

3.2 Prioritize calcium supplementation through the diet

Although as mentioned above, the daily calcium content of food cannot be absorbed 100% by the body, but this is the most effective way to supplement calcium. A healthy and nutritious diet, especially calcium, will help children develop comprehensively in terms of physical strength and stature. Here are a few suggestions for calcium-rich foods that you can incorporate in your child’s meals:

  • Nuts: sesame, sunflower seeds, chia seeds
  • Legumes: soybeans, white beans
  • Milk and dairy products such as cheese and yogurt
  • Assorted fish and seafood
  • Chicken eggs, especially egg yolks
  • Green vegetables: broccoli, collard greens, kale, spinach,…
  • Fruits such as oranges, tangerines, grapes, figs


In case children have digestive disorders due to lactose intolerance or allergies to the above ingredients, it is necessary to consult a doctor or nutritionist to find alternative natural sources of calcium.

3.3 Pay attention to the time of calcium absorption

When is the golden time for calcium supplementation and absorption?

Many clinical studies have shown that calcium should be taken in the morning or afternoon. The reason is that when calcium supplements for children in the evening, calcium residues in the body can accumulate and create urinary tract stones, constipation and difficulty sleeping.

Can consider using calcium supplements 30 to 60 minutes after the main meal for the best effect.

4. Some ways to help absorb calcium better

  • Expose babies to the sun for at least 15-20 minutes a day
  • Incorporating outdoor activities
  • Do not take calcium when the child is hungry
  • Do not take calcium with milk
  • Add other compounds that enhance calcium absorption better such as Vitamin D, zinc or magnesium.

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In summary, calcium plays a very important role for the development of infants and young children. The calcium supplement for children therefore needs to be paid attention by parents. In particular, each age and body condition needs to supplement a different amount of calcium. Hopefully, through the above article of Solife, you have gained more knowledge about nutrition and issues to pay attention to to properly supplement calcium for children. Best regards


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