How effective is calcium supplement to increase height?

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A person’s height can be affected by a lot of internal and external factors. However, the need to improve physique is always very focused. Please read along to review the most effective methods of calcium supplementation to increase height through Solife article.

How effective is calcium supplement to increase height?

1. Does taking calcium help increase height?

Talking about nutrition, calcium has been clinically proven to be effective in improving human height and stature. This is because calcium makes up more than 95% of the bone structure. Adequate calcium supplementation according to the body’s development needs will help accelerate the growth of bone tissue cells, keeping bones in the best condition.

 Does taking calcium help increase height?

Therefore, taking calcium to increase height has become one of the top priorities. In the modern rhythm of life, the disorder of diet and the imbalance of nutritional composition in daily meals have raised concerns about calcium deficiency. Understanding the needs of the market, many brands of functional foods have launched synthetic calcium products to help supplement calcium effectively.

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2. Types of calcium that help increase height

2.1. 2.1. Calcium gluconate

Talking about types of calcium that have a positive effect on the body, we cannot help but mention calcium gluconate. This is a compound used in cases of hypocalcemia, which can be taken orally or as an injection. At the same time, this is a benign type of calcium, with few side effects, so it is preferred for children or pregnant and lactating women.

Here are a few cases where experts recommend the use of calcium gluconate:

  • Treatment of calcium deficiency.
  • Calcium supplements for pregnant and lactating women. For growing children or the elderly.
  • Calcium supplements for patients taking long-term anticonvulsants (because this drug has a side effect of reducing the amount of vitamin D in the body)
  • Increase the height

2.2. 2.2. Calcium carbonate

The second most common calcium compound is calcium carbonate. This compound can easily be found in nature in animal shells or limestone. In addition to antacid, calcium carbonate is also considered as one of the types of calcium to increase height, helping to reduce and treat symptoms related to osteoporosis

2.3. 2.3. Calcium phosphate

Everyone knows that calcium is the main component of our teeth and bones. But do you know exactly which calcium it is? The answer is calcium phosphate. This is a compound that is very important in the treatment of osteoporosis, rickets or calcium deficiency in daily meals. Calcium phosphate is proven to have practical effects in improving height for all subjects.

2.4. 2.4. Calcium Corbiere

Finally, one of the compounds that are very popular in calcium supplements to increase height is calcium corbiere. Special, this type of calcium is very suitable for subjects with large calcium needs such as children in puberty, pregnant and lactating women or patients in the period of bone recovery after injury or surgery. . Calcium corbiere can be found in many different dietary supplements in the form of oral solutions or tablets.

3. How does calcium supplement increase height?

Increase height for children

The calcium supplement to increase height is one of the effective solutions to improve human stature. However, depending on age and specific health status, calcium needs in each person are different. The following is some reference information about daily calcium requirements by age.

Age group/physiological status Calcium requirement (mg/day)
Children (months old)


6 300
6 – 11 months 400
Young children (five years old) 1 – 3 years old 500
4 – 6 years old 600
7 – 9 years old 700
Adolescent male (age) 10 – 18 years old 1000
Adolescent male (age) 10 – 18 years old 1000
Adult male (age) 19 – 49 years old 700
From 50 years old 1000
Adult female (age) 19 – 49 700
From 50 years old 1000
Pregnant women (during pregnancy) 1000
Lactating women (during breastfeeding) 1000
Premenopausal women and the elderly 1200-1500

In the process of using calcium supplements to help increase height, readers should also note:

  • Do not use foods with too much saltiness because it is easy to cause calcium excretion through the kidneys.
  • Limit consumption of dairy foods
  • Calcium should not be taken with other functional foods containing a lot of iron and zinc
  • Excessive consumption of beer, wine, tea or coffee will reduce the body’s effectiveness in absorbing calcium.

In addition, it is necessary to consult a doctor or nutritionist to better understand the body’s calcium needs and choose a calcium product to increase height with the highest dose and effectiveness..

4. Besides drinking Calcium, what should I do to increase height?

In addition to supplementing calcium through functional foods, increasing physical activity is essential to improve stature. Through exercise, the musculoskeletal system will be activated. The body’s metabolism, especially calcium, will be enhanced, helping calcium absorption efficiency.

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At the same time, vitamin D is one of the main agents that help promote calcium metabolism for the body. Early exposure to sunlight is very good for your skin and joints.

In addition, when you get enough sleep, your body performs special biochemical processes that help balance, heal, and accumulate essential nutrients that improve physical and mental health. Lack of sleep can adversely affect calcium metabolism.


Playing a key role in the formation and strengthening of the structure of bones, calcium is really one of the factors worth considering if you want to improve your height and physique. Hopefully, through this article, pplementation. Solife has brought to readers a lot of useful information about the effects of different types of calcium and effective methods of calcium su


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