Guidelines For Calcium Supplements For Men With High Efficiency

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Regardless of age or gender, the need for calcium supplements for the body should still be focused on. However, due to the peculiarities in the development process as well as the habits of adulthood, men often need to understand the body’s calcium needs. So what are the effective ways to supplement calcium for men? The following article on Solife will answer your above questions.


1. Why is a calcium supplement for men a necessity?

At a certain age, the need for calcium supplements for men changes. With age, the density and quality of bones in men will be “eroded” gradually, ” leading to very common diseases such as osteoporosis and joint pain.

During puberty, boys’ physical activity needs are often very high, especially in developing sports-related skills and interests. Therefore, at this stage, parents usually pay close attention to the nutritional balance, including the child’s calcium needs.


When men reach adulthood, due to bad habits such as alcohol and smoking, men often lose their nutritional balance. In particular, the above factors directly affect the absorption and metabolism of calcium in the body. After the age of 35, if you continue to drink alcohol and smoke regularly, the bone density of men will decrease even more. In particular, this process is extremely silent and has no signs of pathology, making most men ignore it. Therefore, taking calcium supplements for men is more important than ever.


After the age of 50, the bone-joint system has worn out a lot over time. The body has also entered a state of cellular aging, causing the regeneration and strengthening of bone cell density in the body to seriously decrease. Calcium supplementation at this time plays a major role in the prevention and treatment of diseases commonly seen in the elderly such as osteoporosis, joint pain, or osteoarthritis. At the same time, a sudden drop in blood calcium will easily lead to dizziness, convulsions, numbness in the limbs, or cramps in men.


In summary, although a lot of scientific evidence has shown that the risk of bone and joint diseases in men is much lower than in women. But not so that calcium supplements for men are underestimated. So what is an effective calcium supplement solution for men?

2. How to supplement calcium for men safely and effectively

Calcium can be easily found in daily meals. Some foods that are naturally high in calcium include milk and dairy products, grains, legumes, and green vegetables.


However, due to erratic eating habits, due to the busy nature of work, men often choose to skip meals or skip meals. This unscientific eating habit will disrupt the body’s natural calcium supplement process. Therefore, a more useful solution is to take calcium supplements from functional food sources.

These products are very diverse in quality, specifications, calcium content, and price. Men can very easily choose for themselves a product that suits their needs, helping to supplement calcium most conveniently and safely.

3. Things to note when supplementing with calcium for men

First of all, the dosage. At different ages and health conditions, each person has a different need for calcium. The recommended daily calcium level for men is 1000mg of elemental calcium. At age 50 and older, 1200-1500 mg of calcium per day may be considered.


Next is an effective calcium supplement method. Most cases of taking calcium supplements but not seeing any results are because users have used them in the wrong way. Here are a few very important notes that users of calcium supplements often overlook:

  • Calcium supplementation should be accompanied by vitamin D supplementation.Because vitamin D is the main influence on the body’s calcium metabolism efficiency. Usually, this compound is already integrated into calcium supplements. However, readers can still supplement vitamin D naturally for the body through early exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid taking calcium supplements with other medications, especially thyroid medications or iron pills.
  • Calcium should be taken in the morning and taken after meals. Consuming calcium in the evening or just before bed may increase the risk of kidney stones or urinary stones.
  • Limit the use of tea, alcohol, tobacco to ensure the body’s calcium absorption performance is always maintained at the best level.

In addition, calcium supplements for men are not drugs and have no therapeutic effect. Readers need to consult carefully with doctors or nutritionists for more detailed instructions on dosage or how to supplement calcium suitable for their condition.


Through the above article, Solife hopes that readers will have more useful information about the benefits, use and dosage of calcium supplements for men effectively. Hope you will choose to buy reputable products, helping to comprehensively protect your health!


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