Guidelines for calcium supplementation for women in the postpartum period

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Calcium is the main component of bones and teeth and maintains biological functions of the body. For pregnant and postpartum mothers, it is extremely necessary to provide an adequate amount of calcium. Do not miss the information about calcium supplementation after birth for mothers with milk properly and effectively in the article below of Solife.

1. The role of calcium supplementation in the postpartum period

During pregnancy and in the postpartum period, the mother needs to be supplemented with many essential nutrients, including calcium. In fact, providing an adequate amount of calcium needed for postpartum women brings practical benefits such as:

  • Make up for lost calcium: During pregnancy, the amount of calcium absorbed by the mother’s body has transferred to the fetus, helping the baby to perfect the structure of bones, teeth as well as the brain. Therefore, after giving birth, most mothers often suffer from calcium deficiency, timely supplementation is extremely necessary.
  • Provide enough calcium for children: The first time after birth, children need calcium supplements for comprehensive development. On the other hand, babies can only absorb calcium through breast milk. Therefore, providing enough calcium for the mother helps the baby not to have a calcium deficiency, affecting the later development process.

The important role of calcium supplementation after birth

  • Protects bones and joints: After giving birth, estrogen hormone in women often declines due to calcium deficiency, which leads to a weaker bone and joint system, reduced bone mass. Lack of calcium also affects oral health, causing back pain, fatigue, hair loss …

To minimize the effects of calcium deficiency on the health of mother and baby, the best way is to supplement calcium after birth fully and properly.

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2. Symptoms of calcium deficiency in the postpartum period

In case of calcium deficiency, the mother may experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain, muscle fatigue, frequent cramps, especially at night.
  • Brittle nails
  • Toothache
  • Vulnerable to colds and infections.
  • Sleep disorders…

If you suffer from these symptoms, you should supplement with calcium after giving birth

When a mother is deficient in calcium, breast milk cannot provide enough of this essential mineral for the baby. At that time, the baby will be calcium deficient and may show some symptoms:

  • Frequent fussy, easily startled at night.
  • Frequent hiccups, vomiting milk
  • Steal sweat.
  • Anorexia, anorexia..
  • Slow growth, poor awareness.

These symptoms are not too dangerous. However, if it is not detected and corrected in time, it can lead to serious consequences.

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3. How to supplement calcium in the postpartum period effectively and safely

Postpartum calcium supplementation or women in the postpartum period is necessary to ensure the health of both mother and baby. There are many effective ways to supplement calcium, such as:

3.1 Supplementing calcium in the postpartum period with food

Here is a list of calcium supplements for women in the postpartum period that are extremely effective:

  • Calcium-rich fruits: Avocado, kiwi, orange, tangerine, mulberry…
  • Dark green vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, collard greens, sweet potato, amaranth..
  • Nuts: Almonds, cashews, sunflowers, walnuts…

Supplement calcium after giving birth with good food

  • Beans: Soybeans, chickpeas, tofu…
  • Fish: Mackerel, salmon, sardines, mackerel…
  • Seafood: Crab, shrimp…
  • Oat.
  • Milk and dairy products: Fresh milk, cheese, butter

Mixings these foods in your daily meals to provide adequate nutrition, especially calcium for mothers after giving birth.

3.2 Using functional foods to supplement calcium in the postpartum period

The need for calcium for mothers and babies in the postpartum period is very large, so just supplementing through food is not enough. The mother can completely use calcium supplements and supplements to bring better results.

However, the supplementation of drugs or dietary supplements for mothers after giving birth should consult a specialist doctor. In addition, it should be noted:

  • Should take calcium supplements after breakfast about 1 hour. The dose should be divided into several different uses.
  • Calcium should only be taken with warm water, absolutely do not combine with milk or dairy products because it can cause calcium deposition..
  • Limit salty foods.
  • It is possible to combine iron and calcium supplements for postpartum women, but not at the same time. The best way is to supplement calcium in the morning, and iron in the afternoon.

Besides supplementing postpartum calcium with food or drugs, do not forget to increase vitamin D for the body. Because this is a vitamin that helps increase calcium absorption extremely effectively.

4. How much calcium supplement in the postpartum period is enough?

How much calcium do women need in the postpartum period? According to the National Institute of Nutrition, the amount of calcium needed for pregnant women is 1200mg/day. This figure for women in the postpartum period, breastfeeding is about 1300mg / day. On average, the baby will absorb about 200-300mg of calcium every day from the mother’s body, during the first 6 months.

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Postpartum calcium supplementation is extremely necessary to help mother and baby stay healthy. However, it is necessary to adhere to the prescribed dosage as well as supplement at the right time and in the right way to bring the highest effectiveness. Thanks for following Solife’s post!

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