Does taking vitamin c whiten skin? How to use it to get the effect

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One of the effects and functions of vitamin C that women are most interested in is its ability to regenerate collagen and inhibit melanin pigment. Because it has many beneficial effects on our skin. However, do you know the effects of vitamin C on the skin? Or are you wondering: does taking vitamin C whiten skin? In this article, Solife will answer and show you how to use it safely and effectively.

1. What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the water-soluble acids, it has the ability to regenerate and produce collagen in bone, cartilage, muscle and blood vessels. Therefore, Vitamin C is considered as one of the important and useful ingredients for the skin. In addition, Vitamin C also has a special function as an antioxidant.

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In addition, the human body cannot synthesize vitamin C on its own, but must be supplemented with food or supplements containing this vitamin. Vitamin C is prepared in many forms such as starch, capsules or in tablet form.

2. The effect of vitamin C on the skin

Because it is a very necessary vitamin for the body, vitamin C has a lot of good effects and especially the effect of vitamin C on the skin. Because it is a very necessary vitamin for the body, vitamin C has a lot of good effects and especially the effect of vitamin C on the skin. Here are the effects of vitamin C synthesized by Solife on the skin:

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  • Moisturizing and preventing dry skin: Thanks to its good regeneration ability, Vitamin C can help the skin increase immunity and recover after being subjected to many external environmental factors such as pollution, dust, UV rays from sunlight, … affect the skin. From there, the skin will be moisturized and less dry when using vitamin C.
  • Brightening skin care: The main cause of dark skin, pigmentation and freckles is Melanin. However, you should not worry too much because the process of forming Melanin will be inhibited by the ability to produce collagen, connective tissues are enhanced. Therefore, taking vitamin C helps to fade pigmentation spots, freckles, skin becomes more even and whiter. This is also one of the effects that women care about and love the most.
  • Slows down skin aging: With the ability of vitamin C to regenerate and produce collagen. Besides helping to make the skin whiter, it also restores the structure deep inside the skin and thanks to that, the skin aging process will be slowed down.
  • Wounds heal quickly: Thanks to the good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Vitamin C. Skin wounds will be healed faster when taking vitamin C.
  • Prevents acne The growth of bacteria on the skin will be inhibited by vitamin C, in addition it can help regulate and reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands. Therefore, vitamin C has the ability to treat and prevent acne quite well.
  • Helps reduce dark circles: From the moisturizing and whitening effect of vitamin C. The application of vitamin C around the eyes with an appropriate dose will help reduce dark circles significantly.

3. Does taking vitamin C whiten skin?

The answer is yes. However, each person will have a different body, condition and skin structure, so not everyone will be white when taking vitamin C. In addition, if you take too much vitamin C and in the wrong way, it may make it harder for you to whiten. as expected.

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To understand why vitamin C can help whiten skin, you first need to know that the pigment melanin in your skin determines your skin color. The higher the pigment, the darker the skin. The mechanism of melanin production is simply that when the skin is exposed to sunlight, the enzyme tyrosinase will cause melanocytes located deep in the skin to start producing melanin.

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Vitamin C has the following skin whitening effects:

  • Vitamin C can inhibit the production of melanin by its ability to affect and reduce the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase.
  • Vitamin C is known to be an antioxidant, capable of fighting free radicals (one of the causes of dark skin).
  • Vitamin C can combine and increase the amount of glutathione and vitamin E in the body. Glutathione is known to be an effective skin-whitening cosmetic ingredient and at the same time, Vitamin E is an oxidizing agent. Therefore, it is possible to help whiter skin when taking vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C also has the ability to regenerate cells well, so damaged cells containing melanin will be eliminated and restored more quickly, contributing to smooth and bright skin.

Besides, for the skin that is easy to white, the skin is easy to catch the sun, or the new melanin pigment is produced a lot, it will take 3-6 months to take vitamin C at the right dose and in the right way for the skin to recover and be brighter. As for the body that is more difficult to whiten, dark skin for a long time, just taking Vitamin C is not enough to whiten the skin. It will be very difficult to eliminate and metabolize if melanin has been formed in the skin for too long. In general, you should consult your doctor before taking vitamin C to whiten skin, because each location will need to combine with different methods to make the skin whiter. So, the answer is yes or no to the question, does taking vitamin C whiten skin? It also depends on local factors and your current skin condition.

Note further, the drawback of taking vitamin C to help whiten skin is that it does not focus on a particular skin area. Therefore, you must take it in the right way, at the right dose, every day to help the process of whitening your skin more effectively.

4. How to take vitamin C to effectively whiten skin

Although vitamin C has the effect of helping to whiten the skin, in order for this process to take place effectively you must take it properly. Here are ways to drink and note to help your skin whiter:

  • Drink in combination with some other active ingredients: Some studies show that when taken in combination with vitamin C with antioxidants, it will be much more effective. In addition to taking vitamin C, you can take some active ingredients such as vitamin B3-B6-B12 group, vitamin E, Glutathione, … for better skin whitening. However, when taking the combination, you should reduce the dose of Vitamin C to a lower than usual.
  • Right dose and frequency: Too much of anything is not good. Vitamin C too, if you take an overdose for a long time, it will lead to a lot of side effects besides skin whitening. Doctors recommend dividing the dose to drink or only taking it once a day. Besides, absolutely do not take vitamin C after 4pm.
  • Ask and consult a doctor: Before taking vitamin C, it is best to actively ask and consult a doctor, because each location will have different ways of taking and supplementing. Therefore, to avoid having to face the bad effects of taking vitamin C to whiten your skin, you should ask right away. In addition, currently on the market, there are many types of vitamin C whitening pills with different prices and quality, to choose the right product for you, you should consult your doctor before buying.
  • Do not take continuously for more than 3 months: For vitamin C to be absorbed more effectively, you should take it every 3 months, then stop taking it so that the vitamin C concentration is fully utilized. After 1-2 months of stopping you can resume a new dose.
  • Different forms of vitamin C will have different ways of taking it: You need to drink a lot of water for the tablet form. Stir completely with warm water for powdered vitamin C. A measuring spoon is required for liquid Vitamin C. For fruits and vegetables, you should find out the amount of vitamin C it contains before drinking. As a result, you can set up your own vitamin C supplement regimen based on the allowed dosage.

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Above are Solife’s answers to the question: Does taking vitamin C whiten skin? Besides, we also bring you the knowledge about vitamin C, the effects of vitamin C on the skin and especially how to drink and how to whiten skin more effectively and safely. Hopefully, the article will help you in the process of whiter skin. If you have any questions or other questions, please leave a comment below for Solife!

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