Can we take calcium when hungry When is the best time to take?

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Elderly people who want to prevent the risk of osteoporosis or pregnant or postpartum women who want to strengthen their bones need calcium. There are many ways for you to supplement calcium for your body, you can use daily food or drink calcium in the form of water, tablets. So can you drink calcium on an empty stomach, Solife Vietnam will help you find the answer in the content below!

Can we take calcium when hungry

1. Why should calcium be taken?

Before going to find out the answer to the problem of drinking calcium on an empty stomach,you need to know why you should take calcium. When taking calcium, you will get a lot of benefits such as:

Why should calcium be taken?

  • Firstly, calcium will participate in the development of the bone system and make your bones stronger. Before the age of 25, calcium and vitamin D will help us comprehensively improve the bone system, stature, and height. Children and adolescents often consider calcium as “cement” to build a strong skeleton. Thereby, forming the most solid basis to protect the body.
  • In particular, when our body reaches the middle stage, if we want to maintain the stable development of bone density, we cannot lack calcium. When you are over 35 years old, the bones also begin to degrade and the body will gradually lose the calcium element. However, through daily diet or oral medication, you can still supplement calcium for your body. Read more: Instructions for supplementing calcium for healthy bones and joints 
  • Secondly, the element calcium is also a neurotransmitter and participates in the contraction of the heart muscle quite rhythmically. Soluble compounds made up of calcium and fatty acids, bile acids will have the effect of reducing cholesterol in the blood. At the same time, this is also one of the ways to help you limit heart-related diseases quite well. Moreover, when the body is fully supplemented with calcium, it also indirectly stimulates the cardiovascular organs to secrete the Calciotropic hormone. As a result, the process of platelet aggregation will be reduced quickly and strong occlusion rarely occurs.
  • Third, calcium supplements also help reduce the risk of hypertension, especially in people with high blood pressure. The presence of calcium has the role of relaxing the smooth muscle of blood vessels and arterial pressure.
  • Fourth, for pregnant women, calcium has the effect of reducing complications during preterm labor. As well as providing the fetus with the necessary amount of calcium, reducing the risk of preeclampsia. Read more: Pregnant women taking calcium tablets or water will be better? 
Why should calcium be taken?
Why should calcium be taken?

It can be seen that calcium has many uses for our health, at any age, if the diet does not provide enough calcium for the body, it is quite necessary to drink calcium. However, to ensure the health of you and your family, you should choose the right time to take calcium. To find out the answer to drinking calcium on an empty stomach and when to take calcium at the most effective time, see the presentation below!

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2. Can I take calcium on an empty stomach?

So is it okay to drink calcium on an empty stomach? And give the baby calcium when hungry? Not only adults but also children should not drink calcium when hungry.. On an empty stomach, taking calcium not only reduces the body’s ability to absorb calcium but also has the risk of harming the stomach, urinary tract, and kidneys.

Can I take calcium on an empty stomach?

If you drink calcium on an empty stomach before sleeping, the amount of calcium that has not been excreted from the body will stay all night in your stomach. Accordingly, the absorption of calcium to provide nutrients to the body will also be hindered. To increase calcium absorption and avoid stomach upset, you should not take calcium on an empty stomach.

3. The best time to take calcium

The best time to take calcium

After finding the answer to the question of whether to take calcium on an empty stomach,you should also have a clear understanding of the best times to take calcium. Around 7 to 8 am is the time to drink calcium recommended by nutritionists. At this time, calcium will be most easily absorbed into the body.

If you do not want your stomach to be affected, you should take calcium before eating. After lunch about 1 hour, you can also take calcium. A typical adult with calcium deficiency will need about 1000mg of calcium/per day. For the body to absorb calcium more effectively, you should divide the calcium in half to drink after breakfast and lunch.

Note, we should not take calcium in the evening or afternoon. At the same time, do not drink calcium in combination with fruit juices, milk, coffee, etc. Do not eat too salty foods but drink calcium because it is likely to increase the amount of calcium excreted in the urine, thereby causing loss of calcium.

Above, Solife has gone with you to find detailed answers to the problem of drinking calcium on an empty stomach,as well as recommending the best time to take calcium. We hope that the information we share above has equipped you with a lot of useful knowledge related to the question you are having about calcium intake. Don’t forget that, if you have any other questions, you can contact our website to get the fastest answer. Thank you for following this post. Good luck!

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