Can mothers take vitamin c after giving birth? Things to note

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According to many experts, vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins for the body. Because vitamin C has antioxidant effects as well as strengthens resistance, helps the body’s immune system stay in a healthy state. For postpartum women, vitamin supplementation is one of the most important health care ways that any woman should not ignore. However, the abuse of vitamins will sometimes lead to unnecessary consequences. In the article below by Solife will explain in detail the question of whether to take vitamin C after giving birth, along with notes for postpartum women when using this vitamin!

1. Can mothers after giving birth take vitamin c?

Vitamins are an indispensable nutrient in the process of human existence and development. Therefore, it is suitable for many subjects from children to the elderly, teenagers, postpartum women… Therefore the answer to the question Can pregnant women take vitamin C after giving birth? is entirely possible. Vitamin C helps mothers after giving birth to strengthen the immune system and increase resistance. In addition, mothers can add vitamin E to anti-oxidants in milk, bringing sweet nutrients to their babies. However, postpartum mothers also need to use vitamins in the allowable dose to avoid health consequences for both mother and baby.

Can I take vitamin c after giving birth? 1

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2. The effect of vitamin C for mothers after giving birth

Here are some great effects when postpartum mothers use vitamin C to restore health, answering the question of whether postpartum women can take vitamin C:

2.1 Vitamin C is good for mother’s health

Body absorbs iron better

The process of giving birth is an extremely arduous and strenuous process, so a woman’s body will be extremely sensitive, leading to postnatal depression. Therefore, to supplement iron, you should not worry can mothers after giving birth take vitamin c, but immediately use this effective “solution” to help the mother’s blood circulate well, avoiding anemia.

Immune system is strengthened

Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant vitamin, supports the production of important proteins, which are proteins that help the immune system stay healthy to fight pathogens. Therefore, vitamin C helps to strengthen the mother’s immune system.

Postpartum stress relief

Postpartum stress is a condition that many women experience after giving birth. This condition, if not treated in time, can lead to depression and unexpected consequences. Vitamin C has a structure that neutralizes the effects of stress and tension. So the question: “Can pregnant women take vitamin c after giving birth? has been answered. Mothers, please use vitamin c as an effective remedy to reduce stress, bring mental comfort.

sau sinh uống vitamin c được không

Preventing memory loss after birth

Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant. This is a factor that helps women after giving birth to avoid memory loss, protect thinking and good for the nervous system. So you can rest assured about the question can women after giving birth take vitamin c?

Promotes collagen formation and reduces skin aging

Dry skin, easily irritated skin, red skin rash, etc. is one of the conditions that many mothers encounter after giving birth. Therefore, with the effect of neutralizing free radicals and the effects of stress and oxidation, vitamin C will help mothers have postpartum skin to recover, be fresh and prevent skin aging.

Reducing inflammation of the mammary glands

For women who are breastfeeding after giving birth, it is very easy to experience mastitis due to blocked milk ducts. According to many experts, the use of vitamin C support will help mothers limit lactation and minimize mastitis.

2.2 Side effects when taking an overdose of vitamin C

The use of nutrients to help the body stay healthy is a good thing to do, but overuse and overdose will lead to counterproductive conditions. Here are some side effects when taking an overdose of vitamin C that any postpartum woman should note besides wondering. can you take vitamin c after giving birth.

  • Abdominal pain, diarrhea
  • Headache accompanied by nausea
  • Cramps, tissue damage
  • Sleep problems
  • Stomach cramps or kidney stones
  • Enzyme disorders in metabolism
  • ….

3. Things to note when taking vitamin C for mothers after giving birth

  • With the answer to the questions after giving birth, can women take vitamin C? It is completely safe to use vitamin C. But that safety is only really guaranteed if mothers do not use doses exceeding 2000mg/day (for women over 19 years old) and 1800mg/day (for women aged 14-18 years old) or in a condition when are being administered intravenously (by IV) or intramuscularly.
  • For mothers with diabetes, it is very important to pay attention and mothers should visit a specialist, doctor for advice on the question: “Can mothers take vitamin C after giving birth?”. Because self-administered overdose will make the mother’s condition worse.
  • When using vitamin C, it should be stored in a cool, dry place, at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, it will reduce its effectiveness.
  • Absolutely do not use vitamin c with milk, beer, wine or coffee, instead drink plenty of filtered water.
  • Mothers should not use vitamin C for too long.

Can I take vitamin c after giving birth? 2

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Through the above article, mothers after giving birth should be able to answer the question of whether they can take vitamin C after giving birth. At the same time You already know the notes to pay attention to when using this vitamin, to avoid unwanted side effects. Hopefully, with the benefits of vitamin C in building immunity and resistance


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