6 ways to help strengthen bones you should know

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Building strong bones until the age of 30 is extremely important and necessary. Because at this age, if there is not enough nutrition for bones or bone density is reduced, when old age will have many problems such as osteoporosis, weak bones, fragile bones, ….

6 ways to help strengthen bones you should know

Strong bones

However, not everyone cares and knows how to take care of bone health, it is not until they encounter difficult bone problems that they realize its importance. Therefore, this article Solife will tell you ways to help keep bones strong!

Here are the six most effective ways to help build strong bones over time:

1. Exercise regularly

One of the ways to keep bones strong is to exercise regularly. Studies have shown that regular exercise helps promote bone growth and maintain bone structure. Because when you exercise, you will put pressure on the bone system, at this time the body receives a signal and creates more bone cells, increasing density to make bones stronger.

Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

Besides, there are many benefits of regular exercise for bones are: Increase bone density; Anti-inflammatory; Against bone loss; Increase muscle mass; Increase bone size,… In addition, this exercise also helps prevent bone problems later in the elderly.

2. Eating healthy

Surely eating healthy is something everyone should do, in this case eating vegetables that contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber will protect and help keep bones strong. You should eat yellow and green vegetables because it is beneficial for all ages. Eating healthy promotes bone growth in children and maintains strong bone density in adults.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating

In a study of postmenopausal women, increased intake of cabbage, broccoli and other vegetables for 3 months resulted in a significant reduction in calcium and bone mineral loss. Therefore, you should build yourself a healthy diet with vegetables to help strengthen bones right now.

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3. Use pills to help strengthen bones

In addition to providing nutrition through food in daily meals, you can use oral tablets to help strengthen bones. The body lacks calcium and vitamin D will cause osteoporosis, so you can supplement by using oral tablets containing a lot of calcium and vitamin D.

Tablets for strong bones

Tablets for strong bones

Products calcium tablets

To use the pill effectively, you must understand that calcium is a nutrient that helps build bones and slows down bone loss. But the results will not be good if you add too much calcium. Some scientists believe that using too much calcium will have many harmful side effects on the bones and body. In addition to calcium, there are other important nutrients such as vitamin D and vitamin K. Therefore, you should fully supplement these types of nutrients, not focusing too much on one substance.

However, the best way, you should get calcium through food sources or consult with your doctor about using oral tablets. Because there are studies that show that getting too much calcium from supplements can increase the risk of heart disease and prostate cancer.

4. Make sure your body absorbs the necessary calcium and vitamin D

Calcium is a key nutrient that promotes bone health. You should make sure your body absorbs it steadily and slowly, don’t absorb a large amount at once. As above, the best way is to get calcium through calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt, some green leafy vegetables, legumes, soy products, seafood, etc. …. Only supplement in other ways after consulting your doctor or nutritionist.

Vitamin D is a substance that helps the body absorb calcium most effectively. Lack of vitamin D puts you at risk of reduced bone mass and osteoporosis. You can supplement vitamin D by sunbathing or taking vitamin D supplements.

5. Avoid salty foods and caffeinated drinks

You should avoid drinks containing a lot of caffeine such as coffee, tea, … if you do not want your bones to weaken. These drinks make the rate of calcium excretion increase, resulting in the body losing a certain amount of calcium. Therefore, you should immediately quit the habit of drinking too much caffeine in a day to prevent damage to bones. Besides, you can combine coffee with milk to compensate some of the lost calcium.

In addition, drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages will increase the risk of osteoporosis, more seriously, make the body lose its ability to produce vitamin D. Thereby, affecting calcium absorption of the body. body.

Drinks containing caffeine

Drinks containing caffeine

Salty foods can cause bone damage. Too much salt in the body will cause calcium loss and affect the condition of bones becoming weaker and more prone to fracture. Therefore, you need to pay attention to eating salty foods, avoiding foods that are too salty is a way to help bones become stronger.

6. Bone density test

Regular bone density checks are a good thing to do so you can easily monitor the health of your bones. If your bones lose density relative to your body weight, your bones are weakening. Besides, people who are too thin will have a high risk of osteoporosis, too fat will put heavy pressure on the dew. Therefore, you need to own yourself a healthy, balanced body to get proper bone density. Do not lose weight or gain weight too quickly as this will affect bone density.

Bone density test

Bone density test

Some subjects should have their bone density checked periodically:

  • Postmenopausal women or early menopause: Many experts suggest that women should have a bone density test during this period. Some studies have shown that women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis than men.
  • Elderly: Because of chronological aging and an increased risk of osteoporosis and problems with joints, older adults should have their bone density checked periodically.
  • People who are inactive: you can also go for a bone density test to do appropriate exercises if you want to start changing your lifestyle.
  • People with a number of diseases such as male and female hypogonadism, endocrine diseases, patients with gastrointestinal diseases reduce the ability to absorb vitamin D, calcium, protein, … It is advisable to check with a doctor for timely advice and treatment.
  • Chronic inflammatory joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.
  • Alcohol and tobacco users: stimulants and alcoholic beverages are also very harmful to bone density, so you should reduce their use.


Above are 6 ways to help strengthen bones that surely anyone can easily apply. Through the above ways, Solife hopes that you will partly know how to take care of and care for the bones in the body. In addition to the above ways, if you have any questions or other ways, please comment so that Solife can respond!



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